Go! Running Tours and Asics Trial

Go! Running Tours and Asics Trial

Go! Running Tours has teamed up with Asics in Paris and Vienna, which means that our guests in these two cities will receive a 30% discount on all Asics products

Partnering with Asics - 30% discount for guests in Paris and Vienna

Let’s get straight to it! Go! Running Tours has embarked on a colab with Asics in Vienna and Paris. This means that our guests in these two destinations will enjoy a 30% discount on Asics products, while it is also possible to buy running tours in the physical Asics stores.

30% Discount on Asics products*
All guests in Paris and Vienna will enjoy a 30% discount on all Asics products in either the physical stores in these two cities or on asics.com. So if you are running with us and are only in town for a few days and do not have time to go into the local Asics store, then do not despair. All you have to do is lean back, fire up your laptop, get your credit card out and shop your heart out on Asics.com. The process is simple – when you book your running tour you will receive a discount code for online usage and to enjoy the 30% discount in the stores, simply bring your booking receipt into the stores in Vienna and Paris, and the staff will give you the discount. Voila!

Buy running tours in the Asics stores
If you find yourself in the Asics stores in either Paris or Vienna, and you fancy a running tour (as you do 😉), then simply ask the local store staff and they will be able to book a running tour for you. Easy and convenient.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, then on a personal note I am exceptionally proud to be working with one of the world’s largest brands in the running industry, and I am hoping that this is the very first step on a journey where Go! Running Tours will be partnering with Asics globally (psssst if you fancy bringing Go! Running Tours to you city then click here – you could be one of us 😊). The colab in Paris and Vienna is a trial to evaluate how to further develop our co-operation and I am convinced that magic will happen with the world class Asics products and brand will meet with our unique, fun and personal running tour experiences.

I am excited to see the partnership flourish in Vienna and Paris and further our co-operation with the team in Asics. Being a small start-up working with a large corporate this is an exciting opportunity and as I write this I am doing a small jump of joy!

Thanks for reading this far and happy running,


* discount only applicable to non-sale items.

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