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We are always looking for running tour guides who are super passionate about running, passionate about diving into the history and anecdotes of a city and share them with happy runners wall over the world. If you want more than “just” being a running tour guide and are eager to bring Go! Running Tours to your city and building your own business, then check out the option of becoming our City Manager and setting up your own franchise.

Before filling out the form below, then here some guidelines: If you are doing it for the money – then don’t, you’ll be bored by our focus on passion (though you will, of course, be paid). If you are only interested in running – then don’t, we are experienced providers.

If you are super passionate about running, about the good and bad about your city, about meeting people from all over the world and giving them a kick arse experience, and to be part of both a local and global team, then what are you waiting for….get typing below πŸ‘‡