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Go! Running Tours is committed to providing a responsible service throughout the world to our guests with safety measures in place for both guests and guides.


Where we in the past would politely shake hands, and give post-run hugs, we have since the Covid-19 pandemic parked the formalities and loving gestures, so that we now do not greet our guests with neither handshakes, cheek kisses or hugs. We do a Corona wave with a big smile, to make our guests feel welcome.

Guides and guests must keep social distance during the tour, and avoid physical contact.

Guides all use hand sanitizers prior to the run, and we encourage our guests to wash hands and sanitize prior to their running tour as well.


Our tours are already low risk activities, as we run in smaller groups (usually private tours with the booking party and a private guide) are outside and can keep a safe distance.

In case of group tours or corporate tours we run in groups of no more than 15 people or less depending on the local regulations


Go! Running Tours in addition to above follow local regulations and guidelines, which means that in some destinations you will be required to wear masks, complete whereabouts documents etc. This will be location dependant and your local guide will advise on any additional requirements.

In case you are uncomfortable running without facemask and gloves and prefer the guide to wear facemask and gloves please advise the guide in advance, who will then accommodate your wish.


If you are having symptoms of Covid-19 please cancel your tour immediately and have yourself tested. The local team will be happy to advise on where to be tested. If you have tested positive after a running tour, and there is a risk Covid 19 has been transmitted to our team, please contact us immediately.