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What can I say about running races in Mexico City? With an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level, you might think it’s a city that needs a little bit of extra effort to run in – and that’s true – but despite the altitude, which most of the people can handle perfectly well, you have a great city to run in.

There is all kind of things happening on the road. Our running tours allow you to experience sunrises in the main square downtown, XIX century architecture with Art Deco and Art Nouveau style, big city parks and the smell of freshly made tortillas and tamales in the morning (check out our post on the best breakfasts for runners for more details on Mexican breakfasts). Best of all for us runners is the weather, which is always splendid! Temperatures in Mexico City are around 13 to 26 degrees and even when it’s raining it feels nice.

Photo Credit: Carrera D Teotihuacan FB page

So don’t be afraid of running in Mexico City. Besides running tours, here’s a list of some of the running races that you should definitely try while you are here.

Main Running Races

Carrera D Teotihuacán (The ancient routes) Trail Race  

Date: 17 March 2024
Start time: 6:00 AM

Feel the spirit of the ancient gods in a trail race of 5, 10, or 21 km near the Teotihuacán pyramids while you admire the flight of hot air balloons. It will take you no more than 40 minutes to arrive at the starting point of the race from the center of Mexico City.

The best words to describe this race are spectacular and unique. Each year it is dedicated to an ancient god and this year is the turn of “Ometeotl” – the Duality God, the creator of everything, the beginning, the unique one.

Don’t miss the colorful racing t-shirt and the special obsidian stone medal, made with an ancient, traditional technique in the workshops near Teotihuacán.

XL Maraton de la Ciudad de Mexico

Date: 25 August 2024

One of the biggest running races in Mexico City. This is more than just a race, it’s a huge party, with 40,000 runners and thousands of friends and family cheering them on. It’s also a great opportunity to challenge yourself because the last 10 km of the marathon are uphill. Finish this race and nothing will be able to stop you. 

Mexico City’s International Marathon finishes in one of the most important and beautiful stadiums in the city, “Estadio Olímpico Universitario”, which was the main headquarters for the 1968 Olympic Games and is considered world heritage by UNESCO. 

Mexico city running races

Half Marathon CDMX

Date: 14 July 2024
Start time: 7:00 AM

The Ministry of National Defense organizes this tough race inside a Military Camp in Mexico City.

The race will surprise you with its military atmosphere, with orchestras playing national hymns and perfectly synchronized battalions playing war songs. Before the race starts you and your friends can enjoy the flight of high-tech military airplanes. 

There’s also a small version of the race for kids (3 km), so if you want your children to start enjoying and loving this beautiful sport called running, this race is the one for them.

Nevado De Toluca Trail 

Date: Various

“El Nevado de Toluca” or Xinantécatl, which means naked man in náhuatl language Discover this amazing volcano close to Mexico City, a place considered sacred, surrounded by two beautiful natural lagoons and incredible landscapes.

Smaller and Club Running Races in Mexico City

Spartan Race CDMX, Mexican National Series 

Date: 22 June 2024
Start time: 8:00 AM

If you are in an extreme, adventurous mood, then you should know about the Mexican Series of Spartan Race. This year the Spartan race will take place in different places and cities of Mexico. Check out the webpage (above) for more information. 

Photo Credit: Spartan Mexico Webpage

The spartan races have different distances for all kinds of runners: 

Sprint: 6 km + 20 obstacles: for those who are new to this kind of race, the sprint version is the right one for you. It covers a short distance with obstacles. It’s fast but we are sure that you are going to have lots of fun. 

Super: 13-15 km + 24-29 obstacles: for experts and people who like challenges. This distance also gives you points for the Mexican National Championship and the opportunity to be classified for the North American Championship and the World Championship.

Kids: for those little warriors at home. There’s nothing better than seeing your children running, playing, jumping and having fun. Spartan for kids is the best excuse to try a different activity and have fun together as a family.  

Distances for kids are: 

From 4-8 years old: +500 meters 

For 9-11 years old: +1.5 km 

and for 12-13 years old: +2 km 

Adidas splits races 

These races are designed to prepare people for running the International Marathon of Mexico City. However, for anyone who needs to marathon train during their stay in Mexico City, Adidas split races are perfect. The Adidas splits races have distances from 6 km to 30 km, so we are sure that you will find the perfect one for you. 

The best part of Adidas splits races is that the closer you get to the day of Mexico City’s marathon, the excitement grows and the energy during the races gets better and better. 

Distances for the splits: 

6 km: TBA 2024

9 km: TBA 2024  

12 km: TBA 2024  

16 km: TBA 2024  

30 km: TBA 2024

With the selection available in the city, I am sure you will find the perfect race for you, whether you want something competitive, something fun, or something for all the family. Don’t forget to check out our guided running tours for the best way to experience and learn more about this amazing city and it surroundings.

Happy running!


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