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Sunny, sandy beaches and Mediterranean climate is what the island of Cyprus is known for, but if you are interested in more than that, you are in for a treat. The island’s multilayered past has left remnants such as Neolithic settlements, Bronze age, and Phoenician tombs to Roman mosaics, Medieval castles, and Byzantine churches. When you pay a visit to the cities you will discover evidence of its Lusignan, Venetian, and Ottoman past. Its modern-day history is complex -and unfortunately quite painful- with the most obvious evidence being the dividing line controlled by the UN and slicing the island in half for more than 40 years now*.

Whatever the season though, Cyprus offers opportunities to experience something unique and exciting. As runners, we love being outdoors, and Its countryside is an amazing place to explore, through nature trails and bike paths that are surrounded by an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Come to the cities to run and you will find vibrant modern lifestyle and amenities, as well as museums, monuments, and quaint neighborhoods to discover. Whether you visit the mountains, the beach or the cities one thing is for sure, that you will experience authentic hospitality and friendly, helpful people. You can rest assured that with the Go Running Tours you will get to see the best the island has to offer.

*Please note that because of the current strict regulations due to the pandemic, crossing the checkpoint to the northern part of the island is suspended for now.