Andros is the hidden gem among Greek islands surpassing your expectations of beautiful beaches, lots of sunshine, and traditional picturesque villages. A diverse natural environment of lush green valleys, rivers, natural springs & waterfalls, terraced agricultural land & mountains combined with archeological and cultural sites, all connected with a network of ancient trails handcrafted over the centuries and maintained to this day. Go! Running Tours Andros takes you on an adventure along these stone-built pathways, becoming part of its history, and experiencing the close relationship and interdependence of Man, Land, and Sea over the ages.


Andros is the northernmost and the second-largest island of the Cyclades, just a 2-hour boat ride from the port of Rafina, to the east of Athens. Although there are findings of settlements dating as far as 3000 BC, Andros seems to gain importance during the early 13th century, when it was captured during the 4th Crusade becoming part of the Republic of Venice. Since then, and up to its joining the Greek War of Independence in 1821, Andros became the object of numerous conflicts between Venetians and Ottomans mainly due to its strategic location in the Aegean Sea. As a result, besides its diverse environment, the island is blessed with numerous monuments, and a strong nautical tradition, being home to some of the biggest shipping families in the world.

With Go! Running Tours, we will run or hike at your own pace on the paths originally built centuries ago as the only means of transportation between settlements, castles, monasteries, chapels, mountain peaks, springs, waterfalls, and agricultural land. We will enjoy the island’s unique natural environment and reach mountain tops overlooking the Aegean Sea, breathing the fresh air, rich from the sea surrounding us, and the natural herbs growing in abundance.

The waterfalls and famous water springs in Apikia, The Faneromeni Castle, The Dipotamata valley with its ancient water mills, the Panachrantos monastery, are only a few of the sites visited by our guided tours. And never forget along the way that somehow you will be joining history. Each stone, on every step of the very paths we run on, is the manual work of ancient craftsmen, laid centuries ago and lasting to this day.

In 2015 Andros was the first island in Europe to be recognized by the European Ramblers Association and the Andros Route was certified as one of the Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe, becoming a top European hiking & walking destination.

Your experience of Andros will be complete, once you consider the numerous museums and galleries you can visit during your stay. The Archeological Museum, the Nautical Museum, the Cyclades Olive Oil museum, the Goulandris Modern Art Gallery, the Kairis Library, and the Kydonieos Institute will cover all interests. And there’s lots more to discover. Once in your heart, Andros will become the place you’ll always want to return to.