Go! Running Tours in Heraklion are a fun, sociable and active way of discovering the capital of Crete. This charming port city is a stunning place for sightrunning due to its Mediterranean climate and Minoan culture.

Your personal guide will take you on a trip that explores the city and its past. For example, you can learn the legends of the Minoan period, discover the modern lifestyle and run to the largest fort in the Mediterranean. There are distances for all runners, from 6 km to 24 km, and plenty of photo opportunities as you go.

With perfect weather, stunning architecture and your personal guide, what excuse have you got? Check out our running tours in Heraklion and get exploring!

What our Customers are Saying:

Heraklion, also known as Iraklio, perfectly represents an ancient Mediterranean city. Sand-coloured stone, beautiful blue skies and monuments from a bygone civilisation make it at once relaxing and awe-inspiring.

Knossos is the top attraction on the entire island. This stunning Minoan architectural site features palaces and ruins which are perfect for a spot of sightrunning. But it’s not the only historical site in Heraklion. The 16th-century Koules fortress looks over the bay and marks a beautiful meeting point of land and sea. Moving up to the relatively modern day, Agios Minas Cathedral, built in the 19th century. is a colossal and beautiful piece of work.

You really get a feel of Cretian culture’s changing face on our running tours in Heraklion. Around the city, you can find fountains from Venetian and Turkish rule and the ornate Venetian Loggia. The old city walls tell another story, and feature the Martinengo Bastion, where 20th-century writer Nikos Kazantzakis is buried. Heraklion Archaeological Museum and the Historical Museum of Crete fill in any other gaps you may have about the island’s archaeological and artistic legacy.

If you’re feeling competitive, sign up for the Crete Half Marathon. It may be fun, it may be gruelling, but unfortunately, you won’t get the insights from your local guide on a marathon. On such a historically significant island, you really can’t miss out on an informative tour.

Beautiful weather, great food and history around every corner, Crete is a runner’s paradise. Check out our running tours in Heraklion and get ready for a tour you won’t soon forget.



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