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Siena is well known around the world for the Palio (a horse race held in the main square of the town “il Campo”) as well as for its incredible architectural variety and for the marvelous landscape, the Chianti wine region, surrounding the city. The town has a rich history of over 800 years behind it and its historic center is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and has a lot to offer visitors through its amazing cuisine, museums, historic monuments, art and culture, and the amazing medieval architecture that still exists in many of its buildings.

The city of Siena is located on top of three magnificent hills and is lined with cobbled streets. It has the soul of a city that is warm and offers happiness to its inhabitants as well as those who visit it. There is a lot to see when you visit Siena, regardless of the time of year you are there, there are museums, cathedrals, spiritual places, and much more.

The Siena Cathedral was designed by Nicola Pisano, a master in the Gothic style, and constructed between 1215 and 1263 and the amazing black and white striped decoration is really a must see.

The tower of the town hall, Torre del Mangia, which is 102 meters high, is a superb example of medieval engineering!

When visiting Siena you must also taste the famous wines of the Chianti region,  the Nobile di Montepulciano, and the perfect Brunello di Montalcino. Just sit in one of the small “osteria” and enjoy some special tasty local sausage or sheep cheese while tasting your glass of wine.

Siena has also a very important cultural life expecially in summer is very easy to find an open air concert or an art exibition.

The small size of this town is ideal to enjoy the Tuscan beauty while keeping fit, having fun and feeding your body and your mind!