Go! Running Tours in Turin is a fantastic opportunity for you to discover our fantastic city. Turin is a Royal city, so we can show you the royal monument, the royal house and the fantastic city square. Your friendly, knowledgable guide has all kinds of routes tailored to your pace and liking. You have the possibility to explore the entire city center and see the city from its little hill, all in less than 10km. Your guide will lead the discovery of Turin – pace isn’t important, rather seeing the city and running together.

Torino is an elegant city, set incredibly in the heart of green areas. Gently resting on the hillside and enclosed by the winding course of the River Po, it owes much of its charm to its enchanting location at the foot of the western Alps, watched over by snowy peaks. It was the first capital of Italy and you will discover the ancient and modern history, the palaces and museums, the parks and tree-lined avenues, the river and the hills. Turin has a Roman town layout, the measured pomp of Piemonte baroque and the originality of the contemporary architecture. It is the perfect city to discover on foot. It is a little city, the city center is small and you can easily explore it all, but at the same time is it full of attractions.

Turin is one of the cities with the most parks in Italy. It also has the River Po, the most important river in Italy. The hill is described by Biosphere Reserve UNESCO as the Protected Areas of the Po Valley and the Torino Hills, an area dedicated to bikers, joggers and walkers.