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Venice rises from the water with its brick houses, marble palaces and golden mosaics. It’s maybe the most photographed city in the world: the gondolas, the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto are worldwide known icons that must be seen, at least once.

But Venice is actually so much more than that: it’s a story of effort, perseverance and patience that transformed muddy islands and marshes in a wealthy and independent republic. The Doge’s Palace reminds us of the power and glory of the Queen of the Adriatic. The golden mosaics of Saint Mark’s Basilica talk us about the great merchants who made the fortune of Venice.

The ancient market of Rialto still exists: nowadays it is a local market where they sell the artichokes, radicchio and fresh sea bass that you’ll find in the amazing restaurants of the city. You don’t want to go to dinner without having enjoyed an aperitivo: prosecco and baccalà mantecato will whet your appetite. Your running guide will recommend the right places to recover the energies you will be burning.

Venice does not live only in the past: it’s a real city with 50 thousand inhabitants, schools, grocery shops, movie theaters and swimming pools. Stepping off the beaten paths you can discover the true essence of the floating city.