Running tours in Latvia let you explore this beautiful yet undiscovered country while you get your daily workout. Fly by all the major sights as well as the undiscovered gems before everybody else has even had breakfast.

Latvia boasts acres and acres of unspoiled nature that is perfect for trail running. However, our guided runs also take you through the whimsical streets and art nouveau movement in the capital, Riga. Make sure to bring a camera because both urban and natural landscapes in Latvia are truly stunning.

So forget the tried-and-tested snail-paced tours and check out our running tours in Latvia. This is the best way to combine your passions for an unforgettable sightseeing experience.

Latvia is a country of pristine nature, just waiting to be explored. Its capital, Riga, is more or less the only major urban area in the country, while the rest remains as it has done for centuries. However, by uncovering a few stones, you’ll see that Latvia has a huge amount to offer. From the scars of the 20th century to a country free from Soviet rule, the country hides some fascinating secrets.

Our city runs in Riga will reveal much more than what the guidebook tells you. Yes, there is, of course, a wealth of stunning architecture to discover, but with your local guide, you’ll get a glimpse into what makes Latvians tick. This will include the best places to go for food, a night out and a piece of Riga life.

As you’d expect from a country so in touch with nature, there are plenty of annual trail running races. However, Latvia also hosts marathons, the biggest of which is in Riga in mid-February. So apart from our running tours in Latvia, there are plenty of opportunities to scratch you running itch.

Forget the standard tours that show you the sights and say goodbye. On our guided runs, you’ll see the attractions and so much more. So lace up, start running and immerse yourself in the intrigue of Latvia.