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In Riga’s turbulent 800-year history, everyone from German knights to Swedish kings and Soviet commissars have left their footprints. Today, Latvia’s capital is an exciting European metropolis at the crossroads of eastern and northern Europe. Our running tours in Riga tell you about the city’s past while you get your daily workout.

Riga has a highly diverse architecture representing various periods starting from the 13th century including such styles as Romanticism, Gothic, Mannerism, Baroque, Eclectic, Modernism, Art Nouveau. The majority of buildings have the status of a cultural monument and are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

City runs in Riga show you magnificent churches like St.Peter’s and St.Jacob’s. Then you can head to architectural masterpieces such as the House of Blackheads and Riga Dome Cathedral. Continue your trip to see the trio of historical buildings known by locals as the Three Brothers. To round up, there is Riga Castle and the Powder Tower. Go! Running tours not only show you the main sights but a plethora of other architecturally and historically important places that you can’t fit into a snail-paced walking tour.

Riga is an adventure for foodies too. The enormous Central Market is a treasure trove of earthy sausage, cheese and black bread, smoked fish and much more. Sample the goods on a picnic in one of Riga’s lovely parks, or enjoy a hearty meal in many great value cafes and restaurants. On your sightrunning tour, don’t miss the opportunity to ask your guide for their culinary recommendations.

From magnificent cathedrals to fresh food markets, and opera to a one-of-a-kind car museum, Riga has everything for a memorable visit. So lace up and let your friendly local guide show you the best of the Latvian capital.