Go! Running Tours in Luxembourg give you a glimpse into one of Europe’s most integral, yet understated countries. Despite being one of the world’s smallest countries, Luxembourg packs a punch in terms of culture and importance. It has a perfect blend of its neighbouring countries, France, Germany and Belgium, but with its own charm.

Our guided runs show you the history of the country alongside its modern-day culture. As Luxembourg City is small, you can get the best of the sightseeing tours as well as breaching the city limits to hit some luxury trail running. Make sure you bring your phone fully charged for some unique, off-the-beaten-track snaps.

So whether you’re passing through for business or for pleasure, our running tours in Luxembourg, will hit the spot. Why keep your passions for running and discovery separate? Combine the two and let’s go running!

What our Customers are Saying:

Placid, subdued villages and beautiful natural landscapes make running tours in Luxembourg an absolute pleasure. The country is so small it is often brushed aside, but it hides all sorts of aspects that make it a perfect destination for those who like to stray from the mainstream.

This location often draws sightrunners who love their history. Luxembourg, despite being smack bang in the middle of two world wars, has recovered remarkably. It is now a forward-thinking cosmopolitan country that is perfect for runners. Beautiful open green spaces next to one or two urban areas mean you get the natural and historical very quickly.

Squashed between France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg is a country with diverse influences. However, due to its diminutive size, it is jam-packed with natural and man-made beauty. For example, its castles, which are everywhere, rival anything you’ll see in northern Europe. It also drags in the wonderful countrysides you’d expect to see in the verdant pastures of France.

Wine lovers will feel very at home in Luxembourg, where most citizens are amateur connoisseurs. You can also feel the class through the UNESCO World Heritage capital and fairytale-style rural castles.

Whatever brings you to the country, our running tours in Luxembourg are perfect for serious explorers. Not only do you get an insight into one of Europe’s most intriguing countries, but a great workout too.