Go! Running Tours in Luxembourg City offer the most authentic way to discover the historical and vibrant capital that Luxembourgers and fellow travellers alike can’t help but fall in love with.

Your friendly private running guide is full of knowledge about this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll get all you need to know as you run the city’s quaint streets. With a wide variety of tours of different distances and destinations, we have the perfect tour for all running levels.

Whether you’re passing through for business, holiday or adventure, our running tours in Luxembourg City are a must-do. Come with us and explore thousands of years of history and culture.

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Though perhaps overlooked due to the small size of the country, Luxembourg City is not one to be underestimated. This city of abundant history dates all the way back to 963, and the architecture and landmarks that have risen within it are sure to leave you speechless.

Our running tours in Luxembourg City will assure that you get to see the heart of this beautiful city. Your guide will show you everything from the most famous buildings to the hidden gems you won’t want to miss. Each run starts at the Monument of Remembrance (Gëlle Fra), where you’ll meet your friendly guide. Then we’ll hit the essential Luxembourg City landmarks, such as the Grand-Duchy Palace and the justice quarter. From there, you’ll go on an adventure through European history, stunning landscapes, ruins, fortresses and everything in between.

Nature lovers can escape to the green valleys of Uelzecht and Pétrusse, or run through Luxembourg City’s central park. Meanwhile, history buffs can follow in the footsteps of Robert Schuman, the founding father of the European Union. Lastly, all adventures alike are sure to get a thrill from running to the Pfaffenthal Lift. This connects two main districts and has the best panoramic views of the city.

Discover this European capital through the eyes of a local with our running tours in Luxembourg City. You’ll see, learn and explore this beautiful city in a way you are sure to never forget.