Go! Running Tours in Mexico City are a sociable, safe and active way of seeing the world’s fifth largest city. With so much to see, you need to get around fast. So leave the walking tours in your dust and discover the major attractions and hidden secrets of the Mexican capital the smart way.

In such a big city, you need a guide who knows what they’re talking about. Citla, a certified Mexican tour guide and running fanatic offers all kinds of guided runs for you to choose from. From urban sprawls, sightrunning past monuments, breathing the fresh air of city parks to trekking out to the nearby mountains, there is a tour for everybody.

Mexico’s capital is rising as a tourist hot spot, placing among Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities to visit in 2019. So when you’re visiting, pack your trainers and sign up for one of our great running tours in Mexico City.

What our Customers are Saying:

I was in Mexico on business and wanted to do a run but was a little nervous about running in the area around my hotel. I found the tours after doing a search and decided on the Coyoacan since I had never been there even though I have lived in Mexico City.

Citla couldn’t be easier to work with. One in my group kept wavering back and forth on whether he was going to it, so our number was constantly changing, we needed a ride from our hotel, couldn’t decide what was the best time, etc.

Regarding the run – Citla is a distance runner so she can rock any speed or pace you want, she’ll even give you tips if you ask. Me, I wimped out the last mile and asked if we could walk. No problem and we even stopped for coffee.

I would definitely do it again and recommend it, you won’t be disappointed!

Spectacular colonial architecture, a culinary wonderland and history that sees the rise and fall of empires, Mexico City is jam-packed full of sights and activities to experience. Zócalo square marks the centre of the old town and the city itself. It’s a great starting point to go sightrunning past the magnificent Palacio de Bellas Artes and many more museums and attractions.

Both culturally and physically far from the headline-grabbing drug conflicts, you can calmly explore the city. However, getting lost is as common as messing up your high-school Spanish to a bemused taxi driver. Both are simply guaranteed to happen. A guided run with Citla saves you time, energy and repeated attempts at “¿dónde está mi hotel?”.

You can choose from a varied selection of running tours in Mexico City. Whether you want to see the historical downtown, food and traditions or Chapultepec, the green lungs of the city, Citla’s tours will cover it and more. Feeling adventurous? Get out of the city onto the 20 km trail tour. Centred around the Nevado De Toluca (naked man) volcano, this sacred land features two lagoons and breathtaking views.

Regardless of which of our running tours in Mexico City you choose, you will be guaranteed history, myths and legends. Different cultures wrestle for position in day-to-day culture, giving Mexico a rich culture that you can only truly understand by experiencing it.

With so much to see and unbeatable weather all year round, what excuse do you have? Lace up, do your stretches and get running!



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