Running in Nepal is a great alternative for those who see hiking as too slow. The natural landscapes and the UNESCO World Heritage cityscapes are perfect for explorers. So combine your passion for running with your thirst to discover new cultures and let’s go running!

Join us on a run in this small, but wonderful country. Your private local guide can take you around sacred sites, wildlife sanctuaries and Nepal’s iconic natural landscapes. Be sure to bring your camera with you to get some unique photos of experiences that will last long in the memory.

So make sure you don’t let your workout routine slip just because you’re travelling. Go running in Nepal to discover what the country is really about. 

What our Customers are Saying:

When you hear Nepal, you’re likely to immediately think of epic expeditions up Everest. But here’s some good news — you don’t need to spend days climbing to get views over the pristine Himalayan mountains. Instead, run through the rarified air and wild trails to scratch your explorer’s itch.

Running in Nepal is on the rise now and it is not just in the mountains. You can hit the capital of Kathmandu and discover its medieval centre and monkey temples. With Go! Running Tours, you can link up with a local guide and see Nepal from their point of view. Branching slightly further out, you can see seven of Nepal’s ten World Heritage Sites, which give you a deep insight into the country’s past.

Running races in Nepal are growing alongside running in general. There are urban marathons as well as, predictably, an endless amount of trail runs. Some of these are ultramarathons that only the most unhinged runners would take on. However, if you don’t feel you’re quite at that level, Nepal is also home to easier routes.

Whether you’re visiting for a mountainous hike or a backpacking trip, pack your trainers and explore Nepal by running. All you need is a pair of trainers for a totally unique sightrunning experience.