What is a running holiday?

The concept of a running is simple – you go on a holiday that is jam-packed with running. Join a group led by local experts to explore the best trails a country has to offer. Alongside running, there is plenty of time for you to experience the local culture, life, nature and cuisine. El Chico running holiday in Mexico combines beautiful mountain trails, local cuisine and an interesting history starting in Cornwall, England.

Do I have to be an experienced trail runner?

The majority of running holidays cater for runners of all levels. For those looking for something a bit different, some holidays combine running with yoga (in France and England).

If you are looking for a challenge, a few of the holidays are better suited to more experienced runners – The Wonderland Trail takes you on an epic journey through Mt Rainier with steep ascents and descents, and the Tour du Mont Blanc covers the entirety of this famous French ultra trail.

In case you are a running holiday provider and would like your tours featured here, then get in touch and before you know it, your holidays are on this page – ready to be booked by the most fun and awesome guests a runner could ask for.