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Can you imagine a place where 5 Pritzker awarded architects contribute to design its public services and buildings? And what would you say if that same place holds 6 Michelin stars awarded restaurants? Probably you would say it is impossible, but it is a reality in Bilbao.

The so called Botxo (Basque word for hole in the soil, Bilbainos call their city like that as it is surrounded by green mountains) has evolved from a medieval village starting at Puente San Anton and Mercado de la Ribera – in today’s bustling Old Town area, full of trendy commerce and delicious pintxo bars – to a strong commercial and industrial city during 20th century – making business with iron, ships and so on – and an example of urban transformation beginning of 21st century, while maintaining its identity and culture: tradition and modernity, cosmopolitan atmosphere and respect for the old rituals, open to the world as well as keeping ancient Basque culture.

Bilbao is much more than Museo Guggenheim, the iconic building designed by Frank Gehry which was the real game changer of city´s recent history. Beside the museum, the river area – previously an industrial area full of containers – has been recovered for the people, and Bilbainos love to walk and run along it, admiring Palacio Euskalduna, Isozaki Atea, Puente Zubizuri, Teatro Arriaga…or maybe take a ride to the coast in the subway designed by Norman Foster.

And the history does not stop there, the city continues evolving along the river. The recovered Zorrotzaurre island aims to be the next milestone in Bilbao´s transformation. Designed by Zara Hadid, this ancient industrial area is being transformed into a technological district and a new residential area full of cultural and social equipment.

Bilbao holds several races along the year, being Bilbao Night Marathon the most known.

So let’s go running! Throw your trainers into your suitcase and come to discover this lovely city with a friendly, local runner!