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Let’s run together. Alone. Its never been more important to stay healthy and strong and at the same time stay connected. In Go! Running Tours we believe in connecting people and cultures through running, so let’s run all on April 18th and share our passion for running.

“Run Toghether. Alone.” is all about connecting runners worldwide through running (alone, please) and sharing our running scene through videos and pictures. It doesn’t matter if you are confined at home and clock 250 meters around the kitchen table, run a 5k on the local trail or run in the heart of your city as long as you run safely and alone.

When: April 18th at your own time

Distance: any distance. From 1m – 100 kilometers.

How: Sign up below. Go for a run alone and take a few pictures and videos. Then share these on social media using the hashtag #RUNTOGETHERALONE and tag @gorunningtours.  If you are prohibited to go outside then snap a few pics of you running at home.

Why: Because staying healthy and connecting has never been more important. And because running is pretty d*** awesome in doing just that.

Who: Beginners or elite runners, doesn’t matter. All runners are invited. Even runners who lace up for the first time on April 18th.

Let’s unite through our passion for running and let’s invite runners from all over the world to connect and stay healthy and positive.

IMPORTANT: Only people who live in areas where it is allowed and socially acceptable should go out for a run. The ones prohibited to go out for a run (don’t despair – hang in there – you can do it), should of course still join by filming their jog in the living room, garden or treadmill. Be creative!

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