Embark on a 6 km Budapest tour from Deák Square, traversing Andrássy Street’s wonders to Oktogon, West Railway Station’s historical charm, Hungarian Parliament’s awe-inspiring views, Liberty Square’s cultural tapestry, and Gresham Palace’s opulence. Concluding at Deák Square, this immersive journey encapsulates Budapest’s rich history and vibrant present.

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Embark on a 6 km Budapest tour from Deák Square, traversing Andrássy Street's wonders to Oktogon, West Railway Station's historical charm, Hungarian Parliament's awe-inspiring views, Liberty Square's cultural tapestry, and Gresham Palace's opulence. Concluding at Deák Square, this immersive journey encapsulates Budapest's rich history and vibrant present.

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This 6 km tour commences at Deák Square, the bustling central hub of the city. As we set forth, the route wll take us along the Andrássy Street, lined with architectural wonders and luxury boutiques. We are going to run past the Opera House and the newest, prestigious 5-star hotel which is used to be the Ballet Institute. The vibrant energy of this lively square propels you towards the iconic Oktogon, where grandeur meets urban charm.

Continuing our route, the West Railway Station emerges as a historical landmark, evoking the nostalgia of bygone eras. The architectural marvels surrounding the station echo with tales of Budapest’s rich past, adding a touch of historical grandeur to the run.

The path then leads us along the Alkotmány street to the majestic Hungarian Parliament, touching upon the Trianon Memorial. It represents the tragedy following the 1st World War, when 2/3 of the country was annexing. The sweeping views of the Parliament building as we run along the riverbanks create a breathtaking backdrop, infusing our journey with a sense of awe and admiration.

Navigating through Liberty Square, your run becomes an immersive exploration of Budapest’s historical and cultural tapestry. The Liberty Square encapsulates monuments and symbols representing Hungary’s struggle for freedom, adding depth and significance to your route. The Stock Exchange Palace, an elegant structure, adds a touch of financial significance to the square, weaving together history and commerce in the heart of Budapest.

As we approach St. Stephen’s Basilica, the cityscape transforms into a harmonious blend of architectural magnificence and spiritual serenity. The basilica’s impressive dome and intricate details inspire a moment of reflection before our run continues.

As we run down the Zrínyi street, the Gresham Palace emerges as a luxurious gem on the banks of the Danube, showcasing Art Nouveau architecture and opulent facades. The palace’s elegance adds a touch of sophistication to your run, inviting you to revel in Budapest’s architectural diversity.

Our route then leads to Vörösmarty Square, a lively gathering place and cultural hub. The bustling square, surrounded by cafes and shops, such as the iconic Gerbeaud café, offers a lively interlude in our run, connecting you with Budapest’s contemporary vibrancy.

Concluding our running adventure back at Deák Square through the Fashion street, we’ll have traversed a route that seamlessly integrates historical landmarks, financial significance, cultural hubs, and architectural wonders. This immersive journey through Budapest captures the essence of the city’s multifaceted identity, leaving every runner with a profound connection to its rich history and vibrant present.

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Facts about the tours

6 km

Private tour



Hungarian, German


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1 person99.00/person

2 persons66.00/person

3 persons60.50/person

4-20 persons49.50/person

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