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In Copenhagen running is the ideal way to get around. Even if Copenhagen is our capital and a big city, it is manageable enough that with little or no transportation – or just long runs – you can experience many different running routes and environments. Urban street running, running by the water, on cobbled streets in the old town, in parks and even on the trail can be done within just a few square kilometres. History and modern city development and architecture literally exist side by side.

The running scene in Copenhagen is big and ever growing and you are spoilt for choices in terms of running. You can book a running tour where a private guide shows you the sights of the city while getting your daily workout, you can find a running route and venture out on your own, visit one of the running communities on one of their sessions or join one of our local races. 

  • Running in Copenhagen – The Lowdown
  • Sightrunning Tours in Copenhagen
  • Running Races in Copenhagen
  • Running Clubs in Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen Running Stores
  • Running Routes in Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen Climate

Running in Copenhagen – The Lowdown

When visiting Copenhagen there are numerous ways to get your running done. If you are travelling on your own or visiting shortly or for the first time, a guided running tour may be your best choice. If, on the other hand, you are ready to run with many others you could seek out one of Copenhagen’s running communities and pay them a visit for one of their regular running sessions, or you could participate in one of our popular and fun local races. Or you can find inspiration on one of the routes I outline later on in this guide and go experience the city on your own.

Sightrunning Tours in Copenhagen

Guided running tours in Copenhagen are undoubtedly the best way to experience Copenhagen if you do not know the city. It is the perfect way to run in Copenhagen as you are accompanied by a local guide. Your private running tour guide picks you up in the lobby of your hotel or at the apartment in which you are staying and they are your guide when exploring Copenhagen on the run. It is a safe, local and personal running experience. You see the sights and learn the history of Copenhagen and the Danish way of life.

Running in Copenhagen
Running past the guards at Amalienborg

If you fancy a running tour filled with history and most of the main sights, the Copenhagen City Tour is the one to choose. If you are an early riser and just loves a beautiful sunrise that will put a big smile on your face while still catching many sights you should go for a Copenhagen Sunrise Tour. If your fancy is city development and architecture opt for the Copenhagen Architecture Tour or if you are more into learning about how and where the Danes are living their daily lives go book the Urban Copenhagen Tour which will definitely take you to places that you would never venture on your own. If you are in training for a half or full marathon race pick the Copenhagen XL Tour, The Half Marathon Tour or take a trip out of town and go trail running in the beautiful Deer Garden just north of Copenhagen.

If you are lucky you might even be in Copenhagen on one of the select Friday afternoons when we offer our popular Copenhagen Beer Running Tour. A very social 5-6 km run where we explore different sides of the Danish beer culture – meaning we get a few sips along the way…..

Running Races in Copenhagen

If you are into running races Copenhagen offers you a variety of both serious and fun races. Copenhagen Half Marathon is very popular and considered one of the fastest routes in the world. And of course Telenor Copenhagen Marathon is always a safe bet for a good time in the streets of Copenhagen – and it is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019. 

For more information and a list of other popular and fun runs please go read my blog about Copenhagen Running Races.

Running Clubs in Copenhagen

The biggest running club in Copenhagen is without doubt Sparta. It is in fact a full athletics club with elite athletes in many disciplines but it is their running activities that is the base of their club. They are without competition the biggest race organisers in Denmark doing both Copenhagen Half Marathon, Telenor Copenhagen Marathon and many other races in Copenhagen.

In recent years the Copenhagen running scene has grown rapidly with the offspring of the many new running communities where you do not pay a members fee and where everybody is usually welcome. NBRO Running situated in the urban area of Nørrebro is one such running community that is particularly popular with runners trying to take their running to a competitive level. 

My personal favourite running community is the Mikkeller Running Club. It is connected to and run by the Mikkeller brewing company but works just as any other running community – only runners always drink a beer together after running making this a very social club. Everybody is always welcome to join for a run. 

Copenhagen Running Stores

Kaiser Sport and Orthopedics is one of the most popular running stores in Copenhagen even if it is based a few kilometres “out of town”. It is also my personal favourite. A very serious approach to helping you find the right running shoe always reserving at least 45 minutes to help each customer. And they have orthopaedic and physiotherapeutic clinics right there in the store ready to help you through your injuries.

Løberen is also very popular with a great selection of running gear, great service and of course also offering running tests on treadmills to help you find and test the perfect running shoes.

Marathon Sport is the last running store I will mention. Two big stores in Copenhagen where you can find just about anything you fancy when it comes to running gear. Also very serious when it comes to help you get the best shoes for your specific feet. 

Running Routes in Copenhagen

“Running ’round the lakes” is by far the most popular running route in Copenhagen. If you take the grand tour around all five adjoining lakes it is a 5 km run. Can be very crowded with both runners and people out for a stroll or just enjoying a cup of coffee in the sun. This is also where I do my preparations for a busy season of running with guests – so who knows, we might meet on our way “’round the lakes”.

The waterfront and the whole harbour area is also a very nice place to run leaving you options for routes of varying length depending of which bridges you choose to run across. My advise is to stick to the bicycle bridges and stay off the main roads. 

For more information on routes, check out our post on the best running routes in Copenhagen.

Running in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Climate

There is no such thing as bad weather for running, only wrong clothes! Being situated in the north of Europe Copenhagen offers anything from hot and sunny summer days to very cold, dark and windy winter nights. 

However, the weather is never an excuse to not go running. In the summer sometimes it is advisable to avoid running in the midday sun – opt for early morning for a quiet run or early evening where you will meet everybody else out running.

In winter, early spring and late fall always bring an extra jacket, headwear and running gloves with you when coming to Copenhagen to run. In snowy or icy conditions the city is usually pretty fast at clearing the sidewalks and salting.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your running in Wonderful Copenhagen. 


City Manager of Go! Running Tours Copenhagen


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