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The Go! Running Tours Tour Standards (TS) have been set in place to ensure high quality experiences for our guests from their first touchpoint with us to their very last. Excellence is the keyword we are expecting from all our partners in all aspects of interacting with a Go! Running Tours guest. All tour providers on the Go! Running Tours are committed to our tour standards.


You should always feel confident that you are able to guide a running tour. Keeping your availability updated increases you possibilities of receiving bookings that you can accommodate.

  • Updated information of available week days/start times and blocked time periods for vacations. Availability updates are to be done directly in the booking system backend and for 3rd party providers availabilities are to be sent via our contact form.
  • Keep your availability as open as possible in order to receive as many bookings as possible. But only for times that you are able to provide guides.
  • In case you are unable to accommodate for a booking request always offer an alternative date or time.


Clear and professional communication is an important aspect of ensuring an excellent guest experience. Your communication should be quick, precise and install confidence that the guests running tour is all taken care of. Go! Running Tours communications standards are the following:
  • Checking E-Mails twice a day if new bookings have been made for your business. (morning/evening)
  • Responding to a tour booking within of 12 hours (E-Mail, text messages, Whatsapp) and confirming the receipt of the booking to the inthe booking email mentioned email address.
  • Confirming tour details with guest:
    • tour date
    • start time
    • meeting point
    • who will be the guide
    • contact details of guide and your details in case of changes from guest or other tour related issues
  • Supporting your guest with getting to the start point and answering questions regarding the tour.
  • If anything is changing (meeting point, time, tour cancellation etc.), the guest should be immediately informed.


A running tour is an activity that guests plan their day around and that they are looking forward to. Whether they are travelling on business or leisure a running tour is a treat in their travels and for many people also much needed exercise.

  • If a reservation should change (meeting point, guide, start time etc.), the guest has to be informed immediately. If a tour has to be cancelled, let the guest (and us) know immediately.
  • Honour reservations even if other tour bookings are made for the same time.

PLEASE NOTE: Go! Running Tours take “no shows” very seriously and these can be penalized accordingly to our tour provider penalty policy which can be found in our cooperation agreement.


High customer satisfaction is a direct result of meeting expectations. In order to do so, accuracy in listings, communication and circumstances is paramount.

  • The tour description, distance, provided meeting point and extras should match the tour the guest booked. It is your responsibility that the tour content featured on the Go! Running Tours platform is correct and up to date.
  • The guide has to arrive on time at the agreed start time at the meeting point.
  • Be honest about unexpected features such as high elevation, stairs, high temperatures during summer days, and make sure that you assist your guest to overcome these.


Excellent experiences in each of our destinations is the founding pillars for Go! Running Tours and vital for the continued growth of our customer base. We know that we have a high level of repeat business across destinations and if we all provide high quality running tours it will rub off on everybody else in the network.

  • Make your tour an unforgettable experience.
  • Make sure that you adapt to the needs of the guest.

These standards should be understand as guide lines and a help to offer our guests the best experience before, during and after the run. Go! Running Tours also send surveys after the tour, to get anonymous feedback from the guests, to improve the service.

Happy Running!
Go! Running Tours Team