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To make sure you never miss an email from us, please add us to your list of contacts ๐Ÿ˜Š Then we’ll always be just one reply away! 


  1. Open the email we just sent your way.
  2. Simply hover over the sender name “Lena from Go! Running Tours”
  3. Click “Add to Contacts”.


  1. Open the email.
  2. Select the sender name “Lena from Go! Running Tours”
  3. On the profile card that opens, click More options and then “Add to contacts”

And there! It’s that easy!

This is what is coming your way:  Our newsletters are jam-packed with new amazing tours (have you heard about the “From Street Art to Street Food” tour in Bangkok or the Nevado de Toluca Trail Tour – 20 km in Mexico City where you run a volcano?), local tips and updates from our destination. Also, now and again we treat our newsletter readers with local tips on where to eat (like us locals do), where to have your post-run beer and where to have your pre-dinner drink.

We promise you there will be no health tips, no stretching tips, no “how to run a marathon” tips…. only stuff about the good things in life – running, travelling and gastronomy (a runner gotta eat, right? ;-))

Anyway, thanks again for signing up. We will do our utmost for you to keep reading our newsletters.

All the best and happy running,

Lena and the rest of the Go! Family – your team in lycra.