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There are 350 million runners in the world, which is equivalent to the third-largest country. Does your hotel cater specifically for runners? Now you can!

A partnership with Go! Running Tours enables your hotel to offer a safe and exclusive running service to your guest within 2 weeks from today.

What you can offer:

  • Private Running Tours starting from your hotel lobby
  • Complimentary weekly runs for your hotel guests
  • Running tours as morning activity for your conference delegates.
  • Any other ideas you bring to the table – we get super excited by new ideas! 🚀😀

Why Go! Running Tours:

  • Trained Go! Running Tours guides
  • Carefully curated and safe routes
  • 2-week implementation
  • Net Promoter Score: 89
  • One stop shop – you say yes – we manage everything. 100% headache free
  • Global market leader and 10+ years’ experience
  • …we are genuinely nice people who are super passionate about running, our cities and our guests!

Already convinced and ready to have an initial chat? Fill out below form. Not convinced…. get a coffee, scroll below the form, lean back and enjoy Lena’s (our founder) long read.


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Let's go with the Lena spiel:

Hi 👋

I’m Lena – happy runner and founder of Go! Running Tours.

So I am guessing you are on this page because you are considering upping the running game of your hotel. Then you have come to the right webpage and the right company.

Let me go back to the beginning…

Once upon a time, I was in Mumbai on a business trip. In the morning I as usual jumped in my running gear to get my exercise in, but most of all also to explore the city I was in. As I walked through reception I was advised by the concierge to not do a run due to safety. So, I ended up doing 20 km on the treadmill. It sucked…badly! ...and even worse I left Mumbai without seeing anything else than the airport, taxi, hotel and corporate office.

Now let’s put on our dreaming cap.  Imagine, if the hotel instead had suggested that I could book a private running guide who picked me up in the reception. One who guided me on a safe route in the city while also showing the sights and hidden gems. – I would have been over the moon. I would have shared the service with my colleagues so that they could book the same hotel and be picked up for a run next time they were in Mumbai. I would have shouted about it on social media and probably done cartwheels for half the run (however inconvenient and ungraceful), simply out of joy of being able to run and discover Mumbai. And that hotel would without a doubt have been my number one go-to hotel, next time I was in Mumbai and other hotels that chain had beds! You can be that hotel.

What is a running tour?

A running tour is basically the combination of running and sightseeing. A local running guide will guide guests through a city while sharing the local knowledge, showing the sights (and hidden gems…sssh). The running routes are carefully curated based on safety, interest and scenery.

Our tours are an exclusive service where guests are picked up in your lobby by a private guide, the tour accommodates for their fitness level (pace & distance) and they are guided on a tour that suits their interests – whether it’s the main sights or the local street art, we have a variety of tours in all destinations. After the tour, they receive pictures and the route from their run. Voila!

Or to put in shortly - It’s a chance for hotel guests to discover a city in a sustainable way while also staying healthy.

Why should your hotel offer running tours?

There are 350 Mio runners in the world…imagine having a service that taps directly into this lifestyle habit of your guests. Something they really love. That would be magnificent, right? You extend your service to not only your premises but also to convey an understanding of guests’ lifestyle and needs while away, and you can end up giving them an experience that is the very highlight of their stay. Surprise, delight and truly surpass their experience.

Hightlight of my vacation!

....Chad was an amazing guide. He met me at my hotel while my family was sleeping

Heather - San Diego

Amazing Run and Tour!

.... Santiago picked me up from my hotel, showed me so many of the sights I wanted to see

Alexander - Bogota


Our running tours are sustainable on not only the environmentally friendly front. But let’s start there. The running tours are by nature CO2 neutral – we run. Our tours are also active elements in fighting over-tourism in cities. Yes – we go past the main sights, but we do so usually at 6 am or 7 am in the morning where there is practically no one. This leaves our guests to discover the lesser-known and populated parts of cities during peak hours.

Guest Characteristics
Our guests are often business travellers, people with higher education and high disposable income. They live a healthy lifestyle, travel frequently and are quality conscious. They are loyal guests of ours and they will no doubt choose hotels that offer running tours. Our guests will become your guests and vice versa…. Easy. Don’t you just love it!

Working with Go! Running Tours

….is easy! 🤷‍♀️😀. You simply fill out the form above, we set up a call and go through everything. We discuss if there is a fit between our companies. You decide if it’s a service for your hotel/hotel chain, if yes, we dedicate a team at our end to get everything set up.

Convinced or want to know more? Then fill out the form above. If not, then here is a virtual high five and a genuine thank you for considering the option. If you change your mind, get in touch

Thanks for reading this far and have a great day,


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