If you’re coming to Sydney, chances are you’ve had a long journey to get here, so make sure you squeeze in all the sights you can with an iconic running tour. Enjoy the beautiful weather and get out before the crowds, when you’ll have the city to yourself, see the sights before the hordes of tourists arrive, and experience local life.

With a 30,000-year history of inhabitation, Sydney is clearly the place to be. Learn about the first Aboriginal people to live in the region, to the arrival of the First Fleet in the 18th century, to the current multicultural demographic that makes Sydney the melting pot it is today. Sprint past the skyscrapers of the Central Business District, potter along piers and wharves, hurtle across the world-famous Harbour Bridge, ogle the Opera House and cruise along the coast. Whatever your tastes, Sydney has something for everyone.

First visit to Sydney? Journey over the bridge to explore Lavender Bay, before coming back to fly past the Opera House and into the Botanical Garden. Craving those clifftop views? Cruise along the Bondi to Coogee coastal paths, and even spot some whales during migration season! Want a taste of the city and the coast? Take our City to Sea tour, starting among the skyscrapers and heading down to the jaw-dropped coastline, through the centuries-old Centennial Park.

Your local guide, has created a range of routes to suit all tastes and distances, covering the best running routes the city has to offer, hitting up sights most tourists never get to see, all at your own pace. Join our friendly local guide for a tour under blue skies and palm trees, through one of the most beautiful cities in the world.