Running Tours in Venice are the best way to see the iconic Italian city both on land or off it. Yes, a gondola trip is essential, but who would want to spend all day seeing the city when you can do it in an hour?

On our guided runs, you can see all of the major sights in Venice while you get your daily workout. However, because you’ll be going so fast, you can pack in a whole host of extra hidden gems. Your friendly local guide can even take you on a biathlon tour of Venice, mixing running with a kayak tour.

With so many options available, we’re sure one of our running tours in Venice is perfect for you. All you need is a pair of trainers to join an utterly unforgettable sightrunning tour.

Venice is a city that needs no introduction. The canals, the slow-paced gondola journeys and the Bridge of Sighs are famous throughout the world. City runs in Venice are a simply perfect way of seeing everything on offer as you get your daily workout.

Our running tours in Venice cover all the main sights of the city. The Piazza San Marco, with its Basilica and Doge’s Palace is the city’s central point where your guide tells you about much of Venice’s history. Another key attraction is the Rialto Bridge. Crossing this, you’ll see the Rialto market that is full of seafood delicacies.

And of course, food is a big deal in this epic Italian city, and hints of Venice’s ancient spice routes are evident through many dishes. The city’s classic eating style is cicheti. This Venetian tapas is a huge spread is laid out for you to pick at with a glass of prosecco. But for a sit-down extravaganza, you’ve got to head to the canal for a seafood dinner by the water.

You can use our running tours in Venice to pick the brain of your local guide for restaurant recommendations. However, if you’re on a short time frame, you’ll also need advice on the top museums in the city. The Gallerie Dell’Accademia and Tintoretto’s Heaven on Earth stand out as artistic masterpieces.

So when you’re in Venice, be sure to check out our private running tours. All you need are your trainers and a camera for photo stops and you’re ready to go!