Toronto is a vibrant, young city and one of the most diverse cities in the world. It was formed officially in 1834 and is now the capital of the province of Ontario. Prior to that, the area had 3000 years of settlements, from native populations to hunting tradesmen until the present day.

Go! Running Tours in Toronto give you an unbeatable introduction to the city as it is today. You can focus on the blistering city skyline, dominated by the CN Tower, or pack the must-sees into a 10-kilometre route. Also, our guided runs explore the downtown area in the morning before the crowds arrive. Aside from what you see on your guided run, you can also dip in to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the development of culture and nature over the years.

As a relatively young city, Toronto is rich in culture and has a unique modern architecture. It also has a burgeoning bohemian vibe, epitomised by Kensington Market. As you explore the food scene and cultural festivals all year round in the city, you’ll get a real idea of what Toronto life is like.

With so much history and culture to offer, you need a knowledgeable local guide to get the best experience. Browse our running tours in Toronto to find the ideal one for you.