Tampa is the perfect city to explore via sightrunning, even if you only have time for a few miles!

Tampa’s downtown gives the feeling of a bigger city, but is compact enough to see so many historical and culturally significant sights in just a 5k run. Our running tours cover everything from downtown Tampa to the must-see Ybor City (former Cigar Capital of the world) and everything in between!

You can hit the ground running in downtown and a quick jog will have you on a mini island escape, or just outside of the city in the up and coming and super trendy Heights District!

What our Customers are Saying:

Laura was a great tour guide. I tried to convince myself that I’d be able to do the entire tour running, but my cardio is not the best so we had to walk part of it. Laura was great about staying at a pace I could do. The information she provided on the tour was cool. A lot of stuff I didn’t know, including the haunted history of a building. It was an awesome way to be able to see downtown in a way I normally wouldn’t. I would recommend to anyone, in shape or not, from out of town or a Tampa resident, young to older, Laura did a great job at personalizing the tour to fit the individual. She even let me be a dork and take photos along the way. Plus, the beer at the end of the brewery tour was great. Cool little brewery with a nice atmosphere that I didn’t really know was there.


Tampa packs an incredible amount of history, culture, sightseeing and just plain fun into a mid-sized city. Between the earlier days when the local tribes had many violent interactions with Spanish explorers seeking gold, to the late 1800’s when Tampa really started to grow, there is a ton to see and learn about this city!

Tampa’s growth really came to life at the turn of the century when Henry B. Plant expanded his railroad here, bringing with it the stunning Tampa Bay Hotel, as well as options for ferry services to Key West and Cuba. At the same time, Vicente Martinez-Ybor saw this transportation expansion and moved his cigar factory from Key West to just outside of downtown Tampa. These two historical events combined with the discovery of phosphate in bone valley, were the three main drivers for growth in Tampa.

Downtown Tampa packs sights like the Tampa Theatre, Old City Hall, Sacred Heart Church and the famous Tampa Postcard into a perfect running route, and is outlined by the beautiful Tampa Riverwalk. Sights like Harbour and Davis Islands, the stunning Bayshore Boulevard with its famous pirate ship, Amalie Arena and the University of Tampa are all visible from this 2.6 mile stretch.

The last 5 years have been significant for growth and investment in the city! New restaurants, condos, street art, breweries, coffee shops and so on are popping up like wild fire! Come run this amazing city and let’s see what other new and awesome things we can find!