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The Old Port contains the living history of Montreal, the park can give you a scenic hill climb, and the canal for a pleasant flat cruise. There’s a modern aspect with many murals, the Olympic complex, and the F1 circuit.

Winter will guarantee you some “cool” stories and in fall (autumn) the tree colors can be astounding.

Montreal is an interesting blend of the dynamic pioneer nature of North America with the history and culture of Europe. A center for aviation and computer technology, but also the home of Cirque du Soleil, arts and cuisine.

Founded in 1642, the central hub for the fur trade on the St Lawrence River.

Originally founded as a French colony by Jacques Cartier during his search for the northwest passage, Montreal was surrendered to the British in 1760 as part of the French/British conflict and still maintains its bilingual style today.

The city contains an Old Quarter with cobbled streets, portside, cathedrals, and churches reflecting the French catholic heritage.

There is a leafy, hilly park containing the original Royal Mount after which the city is named with great views from the top.

Canals were built to bypass the St. Lawrence River rapids and can be accessed from the city. With over 200 city restaurants the city is also famous for its unique bagels, smoked meat and poutine