Running Tours Guatemala City are the perfect way to explore the heart of Guatemala City which is surrounded by big trees, many flowers and unique sculptures.

The capital city offers several routes where you can run, either under the shade of many trees or through historical monuments of Guatemala. Like other large cities, there is a pedestrian lane, which greatly facilitates corridor tours. From the financial / hotel zone you can easily reach the historic center through one of the most important squares known as Centro Cívico. You can choose tours of 10k, 15k or 21k, all according to the step you want to take. Currently many citizens enjoy running and during weekends are 5k and 10K races, including large half marathon events twice a year. The most common season in the capital is spring, very rarely it is cold or intense heat, and so runners are always seen practicing this discipline through many of the streets of this beautiful city.

The capital city of Guatemala is an exciting and colorful place. It is in the central region of the country which is bordered by mountains and volcanoes. Between March and October, the weather is normally warm (17 – 26°C) and it gets slightly colder from November to February (13 – 24°C). With an elevation of 1,500m, Guatemala is the largest city in the country and one of the most important places for business and shopping. Combining colonial architecture in the historical center with modern buildings in the financial sector, this makes it a perfect place to run.

There are many things to discover in this gorgeous city such as The National Palace also named as the “Gigantic avocado”; the big Cathedral; the Reforma Avenue with all it’s monuments dating from 1896; The Americas Avenue with it’s big trees, shrubbery and flowers; the Obelisco between Americas and Reforma avenues; the Paseo de la Sexta with it’s pedestrian street in the historic center; the Centro Cívico with big murals and government offices designed by national architects and artists. These are only a few tourist attractions! This beautiful colorful country has much more to offer.


The weather in this city is quite stable and friendly for running, cold clothes are not necessary, just a pair of tennis shoes for running on asphalt, a cap and some sunscreen. Starting from the obelisk towards the south is the route of the Avenida Americas; or starting from the obelisk to the north is the Avenida Reforma, if you want to go a little further away you will find the square known as the Centro Cívico and if you continue there is the Historic Center. In Guatemala, running has become a very popular activity, many people of all ages run at any time of the day or during the night too, it is very likely to find a runner through the streets of Guatemala. Recently a documentary about Guatemala was released on Netflix.

Despite you want to discover amazing places or just go for a nice run, JP has a unique route, and you decide how much you want to run, the time and speed.  Take a look to our running tours in Guatemala city.