Running is a great way to explore Amsterdam. You will be able to cover a big part of the city in a short time, at your own pace and stopping for a picture whenever you feel like. Your local guide will make sure you don’t miss the highlights, discover hidden treasures and learn about history and local life. Let’s run Amsterdam!

What our Customers are Saying:

Amsterdam is gifted with a vast and surprisingly intact historical centre counting over 7000 monuments. Even for a local citizen it is almost impossible to cross the centre without discovering something new and exciting. The seemingly endless small streets, canals and crooked houses cuddling together provide a unique cosy atmosphere. But the city is more than just the medieval centre, UNESCO world heritage canal belt, coffee shops and the red light district. Amsterdam is above all about lifestyle. It’s the people that make the city and life here is different from anywhere else. To experience this best it is worth getting off the beaten track.

Outside the historical centre Amsterdam is a paradise for people interested in architecture. Industrial buildings are transformed into great living spaces and cultural oases. New hotspots seem to pop-up daily. This city is bursting with creativity. Especially the banks of the river IJ offer many architectural pearls and are full of surprises.