One of the world’s largest cities, Tokyo has a different charm than other big cities. It is the strange coexistence of the old and the new. Why did that happen? It is because of the World War Ⅱ. After the defeat in 1945, Tokyo became a burnt-out ruin. The city of Tokyo, which has been revived with amazing passion, has become a city where thousands of years of tradition coexist with the world’s most advanced fashion and technology.

In the city of Asakusa, not only can you visit the 1,400-year-old Senso-ji Temple, but you can also see the world’s tallest radio tower Skytree, which stands at 634 meters high. Speaking of collaboration between temples and radio towers, we cannot forget Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple. The town of Roppongi is also nearby, so if you want to enjoy the nightlife, please visit. The city of Shibuya, famous for its scramble crossing, is actually close to Meiji Jingu, Japan’s largest shrine.

There is also a place in Tokyo that runners should definitely visit. It’s the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace, the residence of the Emperor, was once the residence of the shogun (The boss of samurai). It is the center of Japan, with the National Diet Building and the Prime Minister’s official residence nearby. Tokyo Station, with its gorgeous red-brick station building, and Ginza, the most glamorous district, are also near the Imperial Palace.

In addition to that, the Imperial Palace is also a kind of sacred place for runners in Japan. There is a 5-kilometer promenade around the Imperial Palace, and many runners enjoy running on weekends and holidays. The experience of the Imperial Palace Run, where you can see the traditional Japanese architectural beauty of the Imperial Palace building and beautiful trees (including cherry blossoms in spring) on your left, and skyscrapers on your right, is truly exotic.

Moreover, there are countless attractions in Tokyo, such as the electric town Akihabara, the mecca of anime, and Ueno, which is lined with museums and art galleries. Experiencing these places by running instead of by train or bus will be a lifelong memory for you.