Lace up and discover Dublin on a running tour. Dublin is perfect for running – flat, compact and places of interest around every corner. Run through the old town with its cobbled streets and hear about the incredible history of the Irish capital. Enjoy beautiful running stretches along the river and of course a running tour in Dublin would not be complete without passing the Guinness Museum.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Dublin city centre, a beautiful running tour along the coast is what you are looking.

Our guided runs with private guides ensure you wont get lost, you will be back on time and you will get local insights all through the running tour.

What our Customers are Saying:

Dublin is a small European country full of history and stories. It has been occupied by the Vikings, the Celts and the British Monarchy but will be celebrating it’s 100 years of independence in the next few years. The city is full of individual areas, from the Georgian city centre to the Victorian coastal piers to the new young hipster area’s that line the canals.

Its a capital that is full of music, literature and also famous for being the home of Guinness. Embrace the energy and the craic of Dublin as it changes will the times. The size of Dublin city makes it feel like a welcoming and humble locality. Come enjoy the cobbled streets and let it live up to its reputation.