Nairobi city is popularly known as “the city in the sun” although its name “Nairobi” means the place of cool water, which originates from the Maasai phrase “Enkare Nyorobi”.

The city is located 1680 meters (5500ft) above sea level and about 145 km south of the equator, which means we experience moderate climate. Nairobi is the second biggest city by population in “Africa Great Lakes Region” with about 3.36 milion people. It is a popular city for tourist due to the National Park located close to the city.

The main green area in Nairobi is the Uhuru Park which is a beautiful recreational park adjacent to the central business district of the city. It contains an artificial lake, several national monuments and an assemble ground which has become a popular place for skateboarding on the weekends. Nairobi is the home of the Kibera slum, which is the largest slum in Nairobi as well as the largest Urban slum in East-Africa. On our slum tour in Kibera you will hear and experience more about the history, geography and culture of this truly unique place.

Just outside Nairobi, Ngong Hills are peaks in the ridge along the Great Rift Valley, located southwest of Nairobi, in southern Kenya. Ngong hills are more than 2400m above sea level and you can see the Great Rift Valley dropping over 1000 metres (4,000ft) below, where Maasai villages have been initiated. This is also a place where Kenya’s elite runners do their training. You can spot them early in the morning and in the evening in their training runs. It is at Ngong Hills that you are able to join our training and breathe in the atmosphere of the world’s elite runners training.

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