Located just below the equator, Singapore is small city state located at the south of Malaysia.

Founded in 1819, Singapore has had a huge influence in trade in the Southeast Asia and has a rich history and diversity.

Most tours in Singapore centre around the river, which has huge significance in Singapore’s importance in being a port for trade. Till this day, Singapore remains one of the busiest ports in the world due to its strategic location.

The Merlion, the iconic landmark of Singapore, represents the centrepiece of the tour and no run is complete without a photo of the iconic Marina Bay Sand in the background.

If you want a run with nature instead, that can be easily arranged. We have green spaces built around and through the island, acting as park connectors throughout Singapore in addition to a number of Parks and Reserves that are great for hikes.

Singapore is also a host to several running events throughout the year. There is the Singapore Marathon that is hosted in December along with a number of half marathons. Most runs do involve closing off parts of the city which is why it’s not a regular thing.

Go Running Tours Singapore is intended to show you the main highlights of the city and highlight to social media that you are definitely in Singapore.

Pack your sunscreen and running shows, you definitely won’t forget the running experience anytime soon.