Imagine having to wake up early in the morning, and not being able to go back to sleep as your body is not acclimatized to the time zone you are currently in. Several options pop up in your head, and more likely than not, you will end up reading your emails, and heading to the hotel gym for a session on the dreaded treadmill. I had this similar experience during my work trips to various cities in Europe and Asia. In those moments, I wished I had a local runner at 6 a.m., who would run and guide me in the surrounding areas in the quietness of the morning, coupled with the possibility of catching the sunrise in the city, at a location other than my hotel room.

This led me to browse on the internet, to consider how I can achieve this. Unfortunately, the countries I have been to do not have private running services. However, in Singapore as well as the rest of the cities within the Go Running Network, this is no longer a problem.

I joined the network in early 2017, with the aim of providing a personalized running service to recreational runners who would like to see my city before the start of the day, or after a long day of meetings. While Singapore is well known as a concrete jungle, 10 percent of the land area is devoted to nature and greenery. Besides a 1 to 2 hour run in the city area covering the better known places like The Esplanade, Gardens by the Bay or the Marina Bay Sands, if you can afford 3 hours in the morning, allow me to show you around the nature in Singapore at either the central catchment area, or on the southern ridges.

What our Customers are Saying:

Had a fantastic run around Singapore with Michael (perfect tour and length for someone who was busy with work meetings the rest of the visit). Saw so many great and unique sights and just as many opportunities for photos! Ran past the merlion, Olympic Park sign, stadium, F1 setup, port, Gardens… the list is long! Highly recommend! I had a great 8.68km run!