Go! Running tours in Singapore take you through half of Asia before everyone else has had their morning coffee. Little India, Chinatown and colonial architecture reflect the melting pot of cultures that make up this island city-state, so lace up and get ready to explore this microcosm of Asia.

See the city skyline from the bay, or take a spectacular 14 km jog through the treetops. Our guided tours show you Singapore’s urban and natural jungles. What’s more, your local guide can show you all the hidden gems you won’t find in your travel guide. 

In a city with so much to see, the best way to take it all in is a running tour. So pack your trainers and experience Singapore in an unforgettable way.

Singapore is one of the most intriguing destinations for leisure and business travel. A financial hub, urban planning paradise, cultural melting pot, foodie heaven and more, it’s hard to know where to start.

Luckily, with Go! Running Tours in Singapore, your private guide can explain this fascinating city-state while you work out. Our sociable, active tours go at your pace and help you understand what makes Singapore tick. The City Bay Run sightrunning tour shows you the iconic bay and its urban surroundings. On the other hand, the Treetop Run takes you through a nature reserve. Home to exotic flora and fauna, you’ll forget you’re in one of the world’s most densely populated cities.

Something that unites all groups in this diverse country is its love for food. Michelin-starred restaurants can be found all over the city, while street food vendors line the roads outside. You can easily get to know the locals by picking their brains on the best snacks in town.

The city hosts grandiose festivals influenced by the diversity of its residents. Singapore has its own version of Chinese New Year, Eid and Diwali, as well as unique events such as the Lantern Festival, the River Festival, National Day and Thaipusam. Get Googling and choose the one that takes your fancy.

Singapore is also home to a staggering amount of races. Midnight starts, 50 hours non-stop or sockless, there is something for everyone. Winter is the best season for running in Singapore, while the summer heat can prove a bit of a challenge.

Go! Running Tours in Singapore will help you get to grips with this fascinating city-state while keeping fit. Our guides are ready to welcome you, so limber up, get running and start discovering.