Go! Running Tours in Bilbao offer the perfect blend of urban and nature. This Spanish city is a cultural and economic powerhouse, but just a stone’s throw from beautiful landscapes – ideal for running addicts.

Your local, private guide will show you the city in the most sociable, fun and active way possible. Take a sightrunning tour around the major attractions, head into the verdant hills or follow the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail. Whichever route you choose, you’ll want a camera at hand to capture the cityscape.

Whether you want to explore architecture, history or nature, our running tours in Bilbao have what you’re after. So pack those trainers, and get ready for an unforgettable tour with your local guide.

Bilbao is the largest city in Spain’s fascinating Basque Country, a green region in the north of the country. With its own language, culture and identity, there is an endless list of things to discover.

The Basque Country’s gastronomy is something to behold. After you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll have a great excuse to explore the city’s cuisine. Bustling pintxo bars offer all kinds of creations paired with Basque cider or sparkling wine, and Bilbao has more Michelin stars than you can shake a stick at. With so much on offer, the best advice is to follow your nose through this culinary paradise.

Art connoisseurs know Bilbao as the home of the Guggenheim museum, designed by Frank Gehry, but there’s much more. The Zubizuri, a huge bridge crossing the Nervión River, and the Akuna Zentroa wine warehouse immediately draw attention. What better way of getting to grips with the city’s architectural prowess than with our running tours in Bilbao?

The locals take the sport very seriously, so you’re likely to be in good company while sight running around the city. But that’s not all. The hallowed ground of San Mamés Stadium is home to Athletic Bilbao, a high-flying team with exclusively Basque players.

Despite all it has to offer, the city has somehow managed to remain a well-kept secret among tourists. So lace up, and let your personal guide show you around this gem with our running tours in Bilbao.