Go! Running Tours in Prague are a fast, healthy and sociable way of seeing the Czech capital — without skimping on the details. Get to know the city with your own friendly local guide and forget about the humdrum of a slow walking tour.

Our guided runs show you all the key sights as well as some treats that are off the beaten track. We have running tours for everyone — long ones, short ones, green ones and pure, unadulterated sightrunning. Regardless of fitness level and interests, there is a route for you.

So when you’re visiting the city, discover it with those who know it best. Your guide will make your running tour in Prague a highlight of your trip.


Prague has been at the centre of all kinds of crucial events in European history. The Prague Spring, the Velvet Revolution and a habit of throwing people out of windows make it a fascinating city. Your running guide will fill you in on all the details of these historic movements.

As the city centre is relatively small, you can tick off top sights quickly before hunting down the hidden gems. Charles Bridge takes the crown as the main attraction, but Prague Castle and the Old Town Square give it a run for its money. The centre is where to be if you want to find out about the city’s 1000-year history before drifting off to find the weird and wonderful that Prague hides.

Moving further afield, our running tours in Prague also cover some uphill terrain that rewards you with fantastic views of the city skyline. But if you’re done with city life altogether, head out into the green. This way, you can learn about the city and what makes Prague tick while you’re surrounded by nature. You can even personalise your tour to hit only the spots you want.

It’s true, central Europe isn’t known for particularly exotic cuisine, but the Czech beer scene is something else. After one of our running tours in Prague, a pint of Pilsner tastes even better.

So whatever your reason for visiting Prague, our guided runs are the best way to see it. Leave the guidebooks at home and discover the city with your friendly local running guide.