Go! Running Tours in Bergen offer the perfect blend of city and nature. The beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city centre boasts beautiful wooden, coloured buildings that hark back to its Medieval glory days.

Your friendly, private guide will happily explain everything about the city’s past and present and answer any questions. But if you prefer to get in touch with your natural side, Bergen is the place for you. Surrounded by the breathtaking nature Norway is known for, you can choose sightrunning tours that take in the fjords around the city. Cameras at the ready!

So whatever your reason for visiting the city, you simply can’t miss out on our running tours in Bergen. Do some exercise, have a laugh and get a quality tour from your own personal guide.

As if it were plucked out of a children’s fairytale, Bergen is stunning. Few places in the world offer the peace and tranquility of the Norwegian fjords. Sightrunning tours around the gorgeous green surroundings of the city, with fresh natural air, gives an unrivalled experience of freedom.

The Bryggen neighbourhood harks back to the city’s former glory as capital of Norway. UNESCO considers the area’s traditional wooden buildings as a World Heritage Site, and it’s easy to see why. They provided a beautiful backdrop to the seat of power in the Middle Ages. In the area, you can learn plenty about Bergen’s Hanseatic history.

Moving on to the modern day, you’ll find quite the art scene, especially for a smaller city. Museums are dotted around the centre, and offer far more than a warm refuge from the winter cold. Furthermore, nightlife is boosted by the student population, and Bergen boasts a cool bar scene.

But by far Bergen’s biggest assets lie just beyond the city limits. Most of our running tours in Bergen cover the vast expanses of jaw-dropping nature. Here you’ll find more testing routes that take you up hills that require a good level of fitness. The views are seriously worth it, looking over the city and its surroundings.

All of our running tours in Bergen start and end in the city centre, so it couldn’t be easier. Just pack some warmish clothes, lace up and get going!