Go! Running Tours in Bratislava show you the Slovakian capital. The city blends a historical centre with green surroundings, and straddles the Danube River, giving it great diversity for sightrunning.

Our guided runs will show you all of the beautiful architecture of the historic centre, but there’s much more. Head off the beaten track and in a flash you’ll find yourself running in blissful forest with surprises such as the ruins of 9th-century Devin Castle. All of the Bratislava’s attractions come with their own stories from your friendly local guide.

Slovakia’s capital is a great example of a little big city. So why not see all of the sights while you get a great workout. Browse our running tours in Bratislava and see which one suits you best!

The first thing you notice in Bratislava’s city centre is how calm everything seems to be. The second thing you notice is because the old town is completely pedestrianised. This makes running tours in Bratislava an ideal way of discovering what the city has to offer.

Striking architecture, green spaces and history by the bucketload sum up the Slovakian capital. Its rich past can be traced from the first Neolithic settlements, through Celts, Romans, Slavs, Avars, Hungarians, Anjous, Luxemburgs, Habsburgs, Communist rule, up to modern day Bratislava. Each of these cultures have left their mark on the city and your friendly running guide will fill you in.

It is impossible to miss Bratislava Castle, which sits on a raised plateau overlooking the city and the Danube River. Other key sights in the city include St. Martin’s Cathedral, the presidential Grassalkovich Palace and Michael’s Gate. Our running tours in Bratislava guide you around all of these attractions and give you all the must-know information. The Danubiana Muelensteen Art Museum and the Museum of City History add even more context to your sightrunning tour.

If you’ve seen the major sights, choose from our green running tours in Bratislava. Few cities boast the greenery that the Carpathians offer so close to the centre. Later, When night falls, Bratislava shows another side. Nightlife here is lively and unique, with the weird and wonderful available to those willing to explore.

Bratislava still flies somewhat under the tourist radar compared to other European capitals, which gives you all the more reason to discover its secrets. So what are you waiting for? Pack your trainers and let your friendly local guide do the rest.