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Run, showcase your city, and get paid


Meet People

Living the dream: where work meets play, find likeminded people and endless inspiration.

Showcase Your City While Running

Become an ambassador of your city’s charm and sharing the stories of every route one step at a time.

Be Part Of A Global Community

Being part of a global community that feels like having friends all over the world. It’s like having a second family spread across different time zones!


That’s how it started! A pair of running shoes and the passion for running and our home cities. And that is how Go! Running Tours continues to grow today. Passionate runners in each of our destinations equipped with a pair of running shoes and an unrivalled enthusiasm for their home city and giving true insights to travellers. These runners are our lead guides.

Do you love running too? Do you enjoy meeting people from all over the world? Do you want to do something new and different – such as creating and building one of the most rewarding and fun services available to runners? Then you have arrived at the right website and the right page. Because this is exactly what we do – we are passionate runners from all over the world, connected via a network (we call it the “Go! Family”) and with a shared goal of bringing running tours to every corner of the world and provide kick a** running tours to runners in each of our destinations.

Running tour guides often call their job the “best job in the world”, we know we certainly do. Our guests frequently describe their tour as “the highlight of their trip” and “the best way to see a city”. And it is this combination that makes the Go! Running Tours concept so special and why we are able to build a movement around it.

A movement of passionate running tour guides and a movement of guests that continue to run with us again and again every time they travel. But back to the job as a Go! Running Tours Lead Guide. There are very few jobs in the world, where you can bring your passion, a healthy activity and the fun of meeting people from around the globe together in one job….and one that even enable you to earn money. At the same time, it is very few jobs, where you work closely with people from all over the world and when you ask a question, then your answer is given by Daniel in Nairobi, Jenny in Hong Kong or Citla in Mexico City. And the true magic happens is when your guests have already had a great experience with one of your colleagues around the world, and they run with you, because your tours were personally recommended by their last running guide.

Go! Running Tours City Manager meet-up in Copenhagen

Sounds pretty easy – when you do it right! Running with a person from abroad is not difficult but ensuring that your product is the best in the market and exploiting the repeat business potential between cities is essential, and this is where our set-up comes into the picture.

City Managers from all continents on the monthly call



We built Go! Running Tours because of our passion and love for our own jobs as running guides.

All our know-how, all the best tools (tried and tested all of them), the recognised Go! brand, our customer base and the amazing growing Go! Family of fantastic guides are key ingredients in making your destination a success. It truly enables you to hit the ground running – pun intended.

Want a bit more details? Then here is a quick list:

  • Website: Your destination will have its own section on the website (of course with all the technical stuff in place – SEO optimised, mobile ready etc.)
  • Booking and secure payment system: We use the very best booking system in the market, enabling you to error free and professionally to manage your bookings
  • Blog: Blog featured on the front page and shared in our social media channels instantly reaching thousands of people
  • Digital marketing: Social media advertising, newsletters etc. is all done while you are out running
  • Marketing Material: logos, business cards, company presentation, brochures templates all ready for you to
  • Team calls with all other guides: What works in Hong Kong is likely to work in the Buenos Aires, Nairobi and your destination as well. Tap into the knowledge pool of 60+ Guides.
  • Face to face training: Be fully equipped to launch and run your business with comprehensive training from us founders on everything from creating tours, establish partnerships, building sales channels and conduct some fun and unforgettable running tours.
  • Instant access to management: We are only a “ping” away. Our internal communications system enables you to reach other guides and us in an instant if a question or problem arises. You can count on quick resolutions and that we have your back all the way. We take care of our guides!
  •  ….and much more

More than anything you can expect a super driven team that is 100% committed to making your destination and our Go! family a success.



Have a keen interest in showing other runners your home city, its history and its sights. We are looking for enthusiastic team players who are motivated by being part of a global team and global vision. Someone who wants to have that “best job in the world” while being part of something bigger.

What are we not expecting from you? There is no need to quit your full time job immediately! The role as a Lead Guide is to establish and guide tours (usually early mornings and weekends).

Still interested? Great! The next step is for you to complete the online form below and please provide as much information as possible. When that is done, the ball is in our court and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading this far, and we hope that you will be our new colleague and part of our small team devoted to giving our guests fun and personal runs again, and again….and again!

All the best and happy running,
Lena and the rest of the GO family.