Plitvice Lakes, or simply Plitvice (how we locals call it) is the oldest national park in Croatia, established back in 1949 and is under UNESCO protection. With its size of almost 300 km2 it is also one of the largest national parks in Croatia. Plitvice consists of 16 gorgeous, crystal blue-green
coloured lakes that are all connected by cascades and waterfalls. Whichever route you choose, you’ll have time to take in the nature and snap some epic shots around the lakes.

It is located between the Croatia’s capital and the Adriatic coast, or if you prefer in numbers, it is only 130km from Zagreb, 118km from Zadar, 170km from Novalja/Zrće and 242km from Split, making it quickly available (not more than 180 minutes) from the main destinations in Croatia. Also, growing accommodation and local gastronomic offer has resulted in increase of number of guests spending their whole vacation on Plitvice Lakes and surrounding area such as Rakovica. Nature lovers, think about that.

The beginning of the 1990s was an important moment for the Park as well as for Croatian recent history after the
incident that happened right on Easter and was kind of a day 1 in the Croatian War of Independence.

Today, with over 2 million visitors annually, Plitvice is the most visited area in Croatia so I highly recommend you to plan your trip in July and August by booking your entry ticket a few days in advance.

Go! Running Tours in Plitvice Lakes will show you the most beautiful parts of the lakes area on your terms, allowing you to have the freedom to choose your own time, pace, stop to make pictures and ask as many questions as you wish. So, leave the guidebooks, pack your running shoes and experience Plitvice Lakes with a local – we are sure you will be impressed.