Go! Running Tours in Athens are the best way to see the birthplace of the marathon. With architectural remnants round every corner, the Greek capital serves as a massive open-air museum. With so much to see, there’s no time to lose, so lace up and get running.

Our guided runs take you through the history of this iconic city all the way up to the modern day. Antonios, your friendly personal guide, will share his vast knowledge of the city, happily answer any questions you may have. And once your run is over, you can tuck into some delicious and healthy Greek cuisine.

The capital of Greece is one of the best cities in the world to go sightrunning. So get your shoes on, and bask in the wonderful Mediterranean climate with our running tours in Athens.

History buffs will find themselves in seventh heaven here. The Ancient Athens tour sends you back in time to pass by statues, temples, the Acropolis and much more. Ancient Athens is a fascinating topic in itself but is also the basis for much of modern European culture. Cameras at the ready!

If you’re already an expert on Ancient Greece, try the Byzantine tour. Watch the shift in architecture and mentality through Panagia Kapnikarea, the Tzistaraki Mosque and more as you paint a picture of Athens’ remarkable history.

Moving on to relatively modern history, follow your friendly guide through what makes Athens what it is today. This running tour passes by the Old Palace, the National Garden, and the stadium where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896. See how the Greek War of Independence shaped the modern city and what makes Athenians tick in the 21st century. This includes a lot of street art and creativity that have blossomed out of Greece’s recent turbulent economy.

One of the most sought-after marathons in the running calendar is the Athens Classic Marathon in early November. With well over 40,000 entrants, it is known for its gruelling uphill, but that only adds to the satisfaction when crossing the finish line.

But with our running tours in Athens, you don’t have to suffer. Go at your own pace, stop to ask questions and see Athens in the best way possible. Let’s get running!