Go! Running tours in London make it possible to see the best of the city before your morning cup of tea. 

First time in London? Explore the Thames river path and the iconic buildings on its bank. After something new? Discover the multiple parks that are home to enough trees to make London, technically, a forest. 

Rory has curated routes that you’ll love no matter your running experience or fitness level. Whatever you choose you’ll glide past tourists with your own guide as you discover the English capital’s most iconic sights in a whole new light, tourists will try to follow us… if they can keep up! You’ll also discover routes off the beaten track with no tourists in sight giving you the perfect photo opportunity.

Running tours are the greenest way to see this diverse city, you’ll feel like a local in no time and avoid the Tube! 


There is a reason London is consistently the most visited city in Europe as it really has something for everyone, especially runners. Our running tours make you feel like a local allowing you to see the sights away from the crowds. 

London’s iconic landmarks range in architecture from the historic gothic to the modern neo-futurism. The Tower of London, home to the crown jewels which can be reached by the unforgettable Tower Bridge will take you back in time. Less than 1km away the controversial Shard splits opinion on the south of the Thames. The Thames will guide you past Wren’s St Pauls Cathedral towering above many other churches and chapels. The millennium bridge famously in Harry Potter takes you to the Tate Gallery London’s powerhouse of art.  

 London is not just diverse in sights it’s also home so many trees gardens and parks its technically a national park, according to the UN definition. The parks located centrally allow a city escape where you can switch off and enjoy the relaxed side to London. Hyde, Green and St James Park all lead to Buckingham Palace, home to her Royal highness Queen Elizabeth II. Steeped in history and tradition the royals make up so much of British culture. 

Let’s not forget the arts, which are celebrated in our free galleries and museums you’ll be able to scout out the best route to see them all. Head out of the city, down the canals or see it all whatever you choose London will have something for you.  

 Running tours are the perfect way to set the scene and make you feel at home. Your guide will not only show you around but always be able to suggest things to do, places to eat and drink and any advice and tips they may have. Running in London is getting more popular and you can join the community