Running tours in Sao Paulo is a fantastic way to discover one of the most populous cities in the world. Together with a local running guide you will be run through Sao Paulo and discover its interesting heritage, incredible vibe and the true samba spirit the city possesses regardless of which time you run.

What our Customers are Saying:

I took the Grey & Green tour yesterday with Marcio. It was a fantastic way to see the city and Marcio picked a great route. I am from the US and this is my first time to Brazil so I had no idea where I should and should not go – Marcio took care of all that.

I loved Marcio’s upbeat attitude and his knowledgeable commentary on the city – his English was better than mine! He adjusts his pace to suit the client and we stopped at the appropriate times for photographs and so he could point out points of interest. I would 100% recommend this to friends.


Our running tours are a safe way of running in Sao Paulo. Your local guide will meet you at your hotel and then you are off.

If you fancy running in the very centre the Downtown Running Tour is a good option, whereas if you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Sao Paulo the Grey and Geen tour is for you. and then there is always the cool tour :-).

Whatever your interest and whatever your fitness level, we have a running tour for you.

São Paulo was founded in the 16th century with a Jesuit mission and has become the most populous city in South Hemisphere. This bustling metropolis dwarfs big American and European cities both in population and sheer size, with more than 12 millions “paulistanos” in 1500 square kilometres.

Those gigantic proportions of São Paulo are also reflected in the huge range of experiences and places a visitor can find. For instance, downtown São Paulo is not strictly business and historical architecture, there is a large counterculture scene that an avid visitor can notice on every corner. Paulista avenue is the main arterial of São Paulo, with all the banks, all the businesses, the largest Museum in South America, musicians, artists, commuters, tourists – it’s where everyone congregates. Another popular destination, Vila Madalena is the coolest neighbourhood in São Paulo, with bustling nightlife thanks to its awesome bars and restaurants among alleys covered by graffiti.

The diversity in São Paulo is not only in its attractions but also in its inhabitants. The city, for centuries, has welcome people from all over Brazil and the world. Its unique blend of different classes, ethnic groups, religions, all coming together, makes São Paulo a globally diverse city to experience.