Running tours in São Paulo are the healthiest, most sociable and safest way to see this effortlessly trendy city. Explore the cosmopolitan blend of cultures and irresistible rhythm that make Brazil’s largest city a feast for the senses.

Our personal running guides will help you navigate this city of 20 million people, as well as its must-sees and hidden gems. Go! Running Tours show you what São Paulo has to offer, and reveal the secrets only the Paulistanos know.

Discover the downtown hustle and bustle, meander through the grey and green, or experience its unparalleled cool vibe. Our guided runs in São Paulo are the best way to see the city, so lace up your trainers and get ready to run.

São Paulo is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, and home to an endless list cultures and influences. As a result, you can find traditional tribal lands, Japanese festivals and pizza galore all within the city limits.

Sampa, as the local Paulistanos call their beloved city, has a huge array of scenes to discover. Among these are art-house cinemas and experimental theatres, and foodies and snap-happy Instagrammers love the city’s passion for gastronomy. Get a full stomach before a well-deserved rest — especially important for party goers. São Paulo’s hidden bars will make you lose track of time, and the clubbing scene simply doesn’t end.

Ibirapuera Park offers a peaceful escape from the urban sprawl. Full of lakes, greenery and cultural attractions, it is among the best places to run in Sao Paulo. Alternatively, check out the 3 km of museums and classy shops that make up Paulista Avenue.

Whatever time of year you visit São Paulo, you can be sure the city will be alive with festivals. Gay Pride welcomes over 2 million people to party in the street, while Carnaval rivals that of its sister city, Rio de Janeiro. São Paulo International Marathon headlines the city’s running scene, but there are a plethora of smaller events throughout the year.

Where locals spend over 100 hours a year in traffic jams, two-footed transport is the way forward. Go! Running Tours show you São Paulo from a local’s perspective and give you a great workout.