Copenhagen is perfect for running tours. It is a dynamic city with all the characteristics of a vibrant modern capitol, still it is not bigger than you can cover a lot of ground in just one run no matter what your running skills or level.

Dive into our more than 800 years of history and run see main sights such as our Parliament and Nyhavn, run through the Royal Castle and visit The Little Mermaid. Go modern and explore the famous architecture and Nordic designs all around the waterfront.

Learn about the exciting development of our city and our efforts to be in the lead when it comes to being a green and sustainable city. Or you and your guide can go urban and see where and how the Danes are living.

What our Customers are Saying:

We loved every minute of this tour!

We, couple in our late 20’s and very active, booked this 2 days before the tour. No issue booking that late and they sent us a confirmation email within 24 hours. Kim was our guide and he was AWESOME! Provided great information for each of the stops and was fun to run with. We did the private tour since the group tour wasn’t available and he met us at our hotel. He created the route based off our hotel location and we hit all the popular spots, total of 6 miles.


We are passionate about running, but we are also passionate about Copenhagen. And we have a burning desire for visitors to enjoy all aspects of the city. Not just the running – but everything else and especially the Copenhagen food and drink scene. Click below and dive into our local universe.

Due to its history and size Copenhagen is just about the most perfect (sight)running city in the world. Most of our historic buildings and attractions can be covered in just one or two running tours. Visit the castle of The Parliament, Nyhavn, The Royal Castle and The Little Mermaid all on the private City Tour. Or explore all the interesting new developments and architecture along the water front and old harbour areas on the Architecture Tour.

You can even choose to go urban leaving the city centre, taking in the feel of where the Copenhageners really live their daily lives on the Urban Tour. Or go really green – literally – and see the quaint houses, learn about the self governance and experience the open cannabis trading in the Free Town of Christiania. On all tours you will experience why Copenhagen is such a great running city.

Our many parks, walking and running paths by the lakes, the car free bridges and super bike lanes, much of which is the result of many years deliberately trying to put Copenhagen in the lead when is comes to sustainability and environmental awareness. Copenhagen can be traced back to around year 700 when vikings settled on the coast of Zealand, right on the entrance to the Baltic Sea. Already in the 9th century “Hafn” had become a large village of some importance inhabited by mainly fishermen and tradesmen.

Written history goes back to 1167 which is when it is officially considered a “town” and with its perfect location it soon became a very important merchant city connecting central Europe and the northern countries of Scandinavia. Due to the defence line consisting mainly of moats and lakes that was built around the old city it only grew slowly. However more and more people were drawn to Copenhagen and in 1850 the old defences had lost their meaning and the demarcation lines were abandoned. This literally meant that Copenhagen exploded and started shaping into the vibrant and diverse city it is today.

And that is why Copenhagen is so GREAT for running!


Ready to run our Sunrise running tour? As they say – timing is everything. During high summer this means a 4 am start (great for jet-lagged people) and in winter its a 7 am start. We have stood by the Little Mermaid a thousand times watching the sun rise over our iconic statue, and still after so many running tours and sunrises, it is worth the early rise…every time.




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