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It all began some 17 centuries ago when the Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace on this peninsula near the great Roman city of Salona, where he would spend the last years of his life in peace. In these 1.700 years the palace has grown to become a city that is today an open air museum where rich tradition, magnificent history and the beauty of natural and cultural heritage arise from every corner.

The Diocletian’s palace, including the entire historical core of Split, has been included on UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979, not only because of the outstanding preservation of the Palace itself, but also due to the fact that the Palace and its city continue to live a full life even today. Walking through the old town will take you travelling through time as on your way you will observe highlights of ancient architecture such as Peristyle, medieval Romanesque churches and Gothic palaces, Renaissance portals of noble houses and Baroque facades, all the way to modern architecture that is extensively incorporated into the rich heritage. Such a variety is also reflected in the everyday life of Split and its citizens, who visit the same cafes and restaurants and go shopping in the same shops together with tourists, giving the impression that by coming to Split visitors become an integral part of the city and its rhythm. The food market and fish market in the Palace are both the centre point of every Split family, while the entire social life of the city of 200.000 inhabitants is reflected in its seafront (called Riva by the locals), where every visitor who “cares about himself” will sit on the bar terrace, have a coffee and enjoy the liveliness of the surroundings.

Besides history, Split is known for its gastronomy and wine, numerous cultural events such as movie and theatre festivals, exhibitions, museums and concerts, for the entertainment in countless night clubs and bars, including Ultra Europe festival etc. Also, Split is proud to be the hometown to some world class athletes such as famous tennis player Goran Ivanisevic, NBA Hall of fame member Dino Radja and dozens of Olympic medal winners. When people get bored of the city vibe, there is Marjan mountain – the city symbol that with its closeness, dense forest and trail paths, attracts lots of citizens in search of physical or spiritual peace, or when they simply want to relax on a view point overlooking the whole city. Another option is the beaches. With 44km of coastline surrounding the city, locals choose between sandy Bacvice beach and numerous pebble beaches surrounding Marijan. After all, it doesn’t seem so unusual that locals say, “Nema Splita do Splita”. In English it would mean “there is no place like Split”… and let us explain to you the exact meaning during our tours.

With our experienced guide, you will be running on the most beautiful sea front with the unique experience of artwork and music that is created under the influence of waves. When listening to the unique Sea organ music, you will also be able to experience the sunset from the shore that the famous Alfred Hitchcock proclaimed to be the most beautiful sunset in the world. And this is just a tiny part of what you will take out of our tours.