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Right in the centre of Europe, the Czech Republic combines the lush forests of the North with the wonderful summer weather of the South. The country is home to fairytale castles, unique traditions and an undeniable love of beer. Our running tours in the Czech Republic cover both the sights from the guidebooks and the hidden gems only the locals know.

Prague has really established itself as one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, and with good reason. Despite communist rule until 1989, the city’s character and spectacular architecture remained. Further afield, you’ll find stunning castles that hide historical tales of bitter battles throughout the country. These castles are often surrounded by lush forest which is perfect for trail running.

One of the Czech Republic’s top exports is its famous beer, Pilsner. Despite the brands that are known all over the world, more inquisitive minds head off the beaten track to discover the local microbreweries that are booming all over the country. Our running tours in the Czech Republic are the perfect antidote to an over-enthusiastic beer tasting night.

So what are you waiting for? If you love running and exploring new destinations, browse our guided runs to get a unique view of the Czech Republic.