South Korea was once called the Land of Morning Calm. Nevertheless, its capital city is now far from being calm as Seoul never sleeps and continues its vibrant, dynamic days. Seoul is a city of around 10 million with a history dating back to approximately 18 BC.  Back in Joseon Dynasty, the then-capital city Seoul was called Hanyang or Hanseong, and its border was marked by the Fortress Wall and four main gates.

Seoul is known as one of the most livable cities. According to Arcadis in 2015, it enjoyed the second-highest quality of life globally. The city is relatively safe and it’s not difficult to spot runners and cyclists late into the night on the riverside paths.  In the last decade, running has become increasingly popular among the younger generation in their 20th to 30th.  Races are happening every week, all over the country year around.  Big-name sports brands sponsor various events and social media influencers, promoting their running goods and trends.  There are dozens of active running clubs, big and small, based in Seoul only. It’s not hard to witness how much the people of Seoul are into running these days.


Being a running-friendly city, running on your own can be quite enjoyable in Seoul. However, with the Go Running Tour, you will be able to take routes in the city’s hidden corners with the stories of its culture and people. For the K-pop tour, you’ll get to run through busy Gangnam streets in the entertainment district and hear the stories behind the birthplace of K-pop. For the old city tour, you will start off from the city hall and take a trip down to the history of Seoul as the capital of Joseon Dynasty. You will be able to run through old alleyways along the palaces of great Kings and Queens. For the fortress wall tour, you will be doing a slow trail run of approximately 20km, going up and down the hills that hug the city.

Our Seoul tours have something for everyone (even non-runners) who wish to experience the city closely and privately. Make sure to bring your running shoes, and be ready to explore!