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When on Business…..Run!

In Go! Running Tours we work closely with organisations to offer corporate running tours to their business travellers as well as running tours as events in connection with conferences, meetings, conventions and team events.

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Corporate Running Tours and Traveller Well-being

Whether you are responsible for an event with delegates travelling in or you have a workforce that travels all over the world, traveller well-being is probably one of your key priorities and concerns.

Our corporate running tours are a piece to the puzzle of ensuring that your workforce stay happy, healthy, informed and motivated on their business travels.

High Performing Travellers

Quick question. Who do you think performs the best in a business meeting – the person who went for a run in the morning, likely had a healthy breakfast, learned about the city and culture, interacted with a local and now has the ability to strike up a conversation such as: “I went for a run with a local guide this morning, is it true that (interesting fact about the city)?”

Or the person who skips the run (because they don’t know where is safe to run or don’t have the motivation) went straight to the bacon and egg section of the breakfast buffet and arrives for the meeting knowing nothing about the local culture or city and starts with the standard weather opener?

There is of course the happy medium, but no doubt any company would like to have the first person on their team and representing their company.

When to use Corporate Running Tours?

  • If you are organizing a conference, congress or team event, then include a morning running tour before a busy day of presentations and meetings start.
  • If you have a travelling workforce you would like to up their well-being and culture understanding when on the road, treat them with the option of doing running tours wherever they travel.
  • If you have a business partner who you know is a runner – either invite them on a running tour with you or treat them to a running tour prior to their meeting with you.

Corporate Running Tours as Branding

Health, sustainability and cultural understanding are the three pillars of corporate running tours.

Imagine being the company the encourages conference delegates and business travellers to join a running tour. A healthy and sustainable activity that spoils the runner with local knowledge and insight.

Imagine being that company that tells actively encourages its workforce to learn about other culture and people – who take action on their promise on diversity, cultural understanding, inclusion etc. All these fine words start with one thing – the ability and will to listen and learn about other people.

Finally, imagine being the company who to potential new employees tells them that every time they travel they have the option of being picked up from the hotel reception for a private running tour. All because you as a company care about the health of employees, the health of our planet and the cultural understanding.

Lifestyle Impact of Business Travel

One of the most adverse effects of business travel is the effect it has on business travellers’ daily routines and their lifestyle. 30% of travellers report that they find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on business travel and 76% are less likely to exercise. This not only illustrates how important a healthy lifestyle is for business travellers, it also clearly indicates that travel impact their lifestyle adversely big time.

And good habits is a chain reaction. Start with a run, and likely your employee will make healthy choices in the breakfast buffet. Schedule a morning running tour and likely your employee will have an early night and skip the extra drinks in the hotel bar (and save you the expense). One employee returns from their business trip and talks about their running tour, and likely her/his colleagues will be inspired and book a similar experience on their next trip.

Now we have an avalanche effect!