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Go! Running Tours adds the “wow” to travel and running. We provide unforgettable running experiences all over the world and we are super-powered by our passion for running and our ๐Ÿ’“ for our guests. Wanna join? ๐Ÿš€

As our first-ever Growth Marketer, you will be responsible for managing and scaling Go! Running Tours’ customer acquisition funnel. You will need to look at our most successful customers and figure out how to acquire more of them. We expect you to test and iterate on generating leads and converting new customers from a wide variety of sources (organic, paid, outbound & inbound, events, partnership, affiliates, etc.).

Simply put: your job is to uncover, examine, and present all of the opportunities where Go! Running Tours can win new customers in a sustainable way. Think of yourself as Sherlock Holmes tasked with uncovering new opportunities that will accelerate our growth.

We want to work with you because you are smart, driven, and can take our growth to new heights. You’re a technically minded person who keeps up to date on the latest tech and movements in marketing, and you are eager to test and apply this new knowledge.

This role is the perfect fit for someone who has been kicking ass in a marketing agency or another start-up and is ready to go out and truly apply their skills, make decisions, and head up our growth efforts.

Your attitude and eagerness are the most important aspects we are looking for. We are not looking for fancy degrees โ€“ we are looking for drive, happiness, diligence, and a proven track record. If you have that, everything else will work out perfectly.

While you will receive support and resources, you should expect to do ~90% of this work as an individual contributor for the first 12 months. You will report to Lena โ€“ Founder and CEO. Hear Lena explain the role here:


  • Identify, test, and iterate on a wide variety of customer acquisition campaigns as both an individual contributor and manager.
  • Provide detailed results and recommendations on where we should deploy our resources to acquire more customers.
  • Lead our top of funnel email marketing efforts.
  • Identify and implement new strategies and tactics to achieve better results within our existing channels
  • Develop a playbook for launching new destinations.


  • Proven track record in Growth Marketing.
  • Willingness to generate results as an individual contributor โ€“ including but not limited to, copywriting, design, data analysis, SoMe campaign creations and customer surveys/interviews.
  • Expertise with SEO, SEM, and analytical tools for marketers โ€“ including Google’s product suite (Analytics, AdSense, Search Console), Ahrefs, ActiveCampaign.
  • Experience working with large amounts of data in spreadsheets (you can do VLOOKUP, SUMIF, and nested functions in your sleep)
  • Technical skills to work with pixels, tag manager, tracking etc.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Loads of low-hanging fruits and easy wins โ€“ you can truly make a difference from the very outset. We promise your fingers will itch to get started!
  • A founder who gets a kick out of new ideas and initiatives, and who lets you rock your skills and creativity.
  • A brand and service that our guests LOVE! As in really love ๐Ÿ’“.
  • A start-up in a global leadership position that collaborates with global brands like Brooks, Asics, Expedia etc.
  • A company where the guest experience is at the very core, and marketing takes the forefront in this.
  • A positive and happy team where everyone works hard, supports each other, and truly breaks some ground. Sometimes together and sometimes on an individual basis.

About Go! Running Tours

Go! Running Tours is 100% bootstrapped and profitable. We are a team of 70 fun, hard-working, and kind people who all like autonomy and making an impact.

We ๐Ÿ’“ running, our cities, and our customers. We aim to provide amazing experiences, from the first time a guest visits our website to them standing sweaty and full of endorphins having just finished a run with us. We want them to fall in love with us again and again.

We are on a mission to unite people around the world through a shared passion for running and by sharing our heritage, culture, and cities. Facilitating unity as opposed to division.

How we work:

We work remotely, so whether you are sitting on a beach in Bali, a snow hut in Greenland, or in your living room buried in toys and dirty laundry, we don’t care as long as you have a fast internet connection. Lena (big boss and founder) is based in Copenhagen, and you’ll have colleagues in 50 cities around the world.

The central team meets online twice a week, and you should expect no more than 3-5 hours of meetings per week. The rest of the time is devoted to getting stuff done and deep work.

How to apply:

Please apply with your strongest spiel, a video of you introducing yourself and finally with the two first tasks you would do the first day working as Growth Marketer in Go! Running Tours to [email protected]

Go! Go! Go!